Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Warning: Zombies on Fogo Loch!

Greetings guys!

I told you already that Fogo Loch hides a lot of interesting surprises. Like places I still keep discovering. But there are also funny people coming here. All together it provides for unforgettable experiences!

Like today I was scared to death when I saw a zombie here. Well. I am used to our peaceful ghosts at the graveyard (I was writing about them before). But today it was something different. I saw a girl near the graveyard who was looking and behaving strangely. She was covered with blood. So first I though, she might be a lycan or a vampire victim, and wanted to offer her some help. I wanted to take her to our room, comfort her, offer her a drink and a good soft bed, so she can sleep. And than I would lock her up in the basement as a surprise for my lycan fathers Jamie and Alex. But her moves were odd.

The cold sweat break through me when I realized she might have been dead for sometime already. She was a zombie! Those non-seeing eyes covered with a white mist. Her movements making her looking like a puppet. I am a Demon, that's true, but in my human form I can easily become a victim of an undead. Well, so far I managed to get along with vampires and lycans, but there is nothing I can do about a zombie. Neither charm nor reason could protect me from her.

She smelled something and I could see her running like a crazy through the bridge to the turning area attracted by the smell of blood. What if she smells me next? But fortunately the protection spells of ancient magic of Fogo Loch were triggered by this hostile invasion. So, the zombie has just disappeared. So, be careful, the family and guests of Fogo Loch! You might meet more zombies here...

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