Monday, April 1, 2013

Studs on Fogo


The Fogo sim is full of good looking studs. Look at those three. The guy on the right side is Alex. More a silent type, but I think he is aware of everything around him. A man of his word. In the middle there is Jamie. The guy we can have a lot of fun with. Talkative and caring. There is something I feel about Alex and Jamie. They look a kind of familiar to me. Something I can't remember. Could they be my parents I don't know anything about? And then there is RuiLima, the combat. Also a silent guy. I guess this bossy pose on that chair suits him.

Not sure what those guys are doing. Probably they are trying to figure out how has laid that egg. Or to understand whether it is an Easter egg or a bomb that must be destroyed. Tough decisions for tough men.


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