Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fogo Impressions Contest #4 & #3

It's time to reveal the fourth and the third places in the ranking of the Fogo Impressions contest.

And here we are:

The fourth place with 45 points is taken by... Chris Sanders. Oh, yes, it's me ;)

And here is my Impression again. I remember I was completely overwhelmed by the autumnal colors of Fogo Loch trees, the classic interior of the Landing Point with candles (later I found the whole sim is decorated the same style) and a whiff of slight melancholy I could smell in the air. Yes, it was the magnificent charm of landing point that made me return and finally stay here after I've seen it just once... to discover much more...

And the third place, with 56 points, will go to... Epicurious Klees

We all know the charming power of the turning ritual. The sacred Blood Circle is a very good front piece of Fogo Loch reminding us of what it's all about it - the dusky world in the gap between life and death. The silent mystery of the ritual, the united feeling of a clan and the danger hidden within.

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