Monday, April 15, 2013

13 moments of Fogo Loch party

There was a party tonight! DJ Androgene invited all the family at his Androgene's Max Men Stage Party where he was entertaining us with crazy beats and some indecent songs.It was very... gay in all meanings of this word. Full of half naked men, well, it was hot there. And all that funny talking. Men, we've almost found out someone's highly protected secrets, hehe... No,. I don't tell you anything, you just come next time and see yourself.

Some of us couldn't keep their hands off the hot balls

And those synchronized moves... feels like one big family

Even our always serious King Perseus could just relax and have some fun

And the darker the air, the crazier the beats

Epic, always good in some special effects and magic

Did I told you about one big family feeling already?

I did? Androgene, Eloy, Servius, Anne and the Party Rabbit.

There is a wild protohuman hidden in every man. White Rabbit (right, that's me), Servius, our great DJ Androgene and the King

 Servius, Alecto, a rabbit, Anne, Alex and King Perseus

 I guess the King has got the taste of music. And well, Epic and Horus are making a lovely couple together.

Yes, there was some indecent exposure. And I guess Anne got very excited about it. Wanna know what's behind the red spot? Just come next time and see yourself.

So father, so son

Meet our Magus Luyten. Also a mermin as well as our beloved Anne

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