Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Fogo members: Gideon and Cayne

Greetings guys!

I hope you were following the notecards and you know that we have two new members: Gideon and Cayne. And well, what happens when we hear something like that? I guess you feel what I feel in this case - a huge sense of curiosity - so, who's that new guy. how does he looks, is he hot, is he funny to talk etc etc... The best way to find the answers is to visit Fogo Loch of course and meet them. But for some lazy butts here I have a weekend surprise. I met those guys already and made some pictures for you

So, meet Gideon!

Well, I noticed this guy for the first time on Morty's turning. He was sitting there silently watching the ritual, looking around and getting used to this place. Not sure if it was his first time. But he is definitely an eye catcher, don't you think guys?

The second time I saw him exploring Fogo Loch on his own. So the paparazzi spirit has taken my mind over and I made a couple of pictures secretly just for you guys. And I hope you like it. Look at this hot stud, that muscled body, that resolute look. And a nice outfit, guys, don't you think? For a body like this you don't need much clothe. Just a couple of nice boots as a finishing touch. And the shorts long enough to keep it decent. Oh, and by the way - his growl can make your body shiver.

But enough of the outer side. Cause Gideon is also a very friendly guy. As his profile tells us he comes here to have fun and build some serious friendships. He is funny and easy going guy who knows what a friendly teasing is. So, I do repeat what our King Perseus has told us in his notecard: "I am really happy for having someone like him with us!" Guys, make him feel at home. Confortable. Dont forget : we need to bound to each other. Right?" And Gideon himself is an open book as his profile tells us. Well, this picture also proves it clearly:

And now meet Cayne.

Well, I met him only once on Fogo yesterday.

He is quite a different kind of guy. Less open book and more mystery. A touch of neko tells us clearly we might deal with a nice, but very independent personality. And look, it's not a guy you easily call a pussy or a kitty here. Approach with kindness and some healthy humor, but beware of the claws.

And there seems to be a lot of hidden mystery inside. Read his profile and you may understand the name of the Dark Kingdom Cayne came from. Just don't be scared, he is a friendly guy who is open for the questions and contact. But beware of his dark side. He can easily cage you if you give him cause to do that. And he is a smart guy as you can understand once you can crack the secret code on his profile.

As our Prince Loggos has already told us, Cayne is a hybrid lycan and vampire and is also a warrior.

So we have two new Fogo members, two new powerful characters with an attractive look. So, don't stay on your lazy chair too long, come and meet the new guys, talk to your friends and have fun! The guys are waiting...

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