Friday, April 5, 2013

Soap bubble fly

You might have decided that this blog is only about Fogo. Well, I love Fogo with all my heart and will write more about it. But my heart is big enough to give place for other ultimate fantasies and romantic experiences. Like today I'll show you my soap bubble flying experience on Chiaroscuro. It is a nice fantasy place for elves, fairies, demons and other mythical creatures. You want to know where it is? Well, ask the butterflies, they might tell you. I always follow the butterflies to come here. Easier, prettier and more hygienic than a fall into a rabbit hole.

Well and here it is, the bubbling pole. If you ask politely and strike gently it will blow one special bubble just for you. Don't overdo with striking of course, you are not in a dungeon..

The navigation is simple, just spring inside, say "Start" and rise towards the sky. Let the wind take you and observe the beautiful landscapes of Chiaroscuro.

I know, we all are born to fly. But flying inside a bubble is very special. Much more relaxed and very romantic. So, how is about watching the eternal sunset while waving between the blossoming cherry trees? Don't forget to take someone with you and share this romantic moment.

And the bubble makes also a perfect bathyscaphe. Once you feel your blood boiling from all the romantic emotions, you can calm down in the cool depths of water. No aqualung needed to explore the underwater life or just to take rest.

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