Friday, April 26, 2013

Fogo Impressions Contest: The Finalists!

And finally here they are, the finalists and the winners of the Fogo Impressions Contest!


The second place with 70 points goes to our beloved Toni (Antoni Arabello), the Master of Collages. You do remember his naughty rabbit from the Easter poster, don't you guys?

Congratulations with your prize of 1000 L$, Toni!

His impression shows us the beauty of the Underwater World of Fogo Loch. The peaceful relaxing world under the misty surface of the Fogo Loch lake. A perfect place to calm down while watching the sun rays shining through the water and fish and turtle swimming by.

And the first place goes to Nikolai Warden!

With 73 points he won the contest.

Congratulations with your prize of 1500 L$, Nikolai!

And here is his powerful Fogo Impression. The artistic vision of this shadowy world soaked in mist and mystery with a resolute power in its heart.

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