Friday, April 19, 2013

Fogo News: A fairy visit. a new bloodtoy and moving in

Greetings guys!

You know how nice it is to come here on Fogo Loch even when nobody is around. Just walk around and relax among the nice landscapes of Fogo Loch. And it's funny, cause there are still interesting surprises I meet here. Things I never discovered before. And well, the guests visiting Fogo Loch can be also amusing.

Like yesterday. I say... you don't believe me, a Prince on a White Horse. I was totally confused. Did he come for me? But my heart is already taken. For someone else? But there was nobody else on Fogo Loch at that time. Was little Amour making jokes with his arrows? Very, very confusing. I know you wouldn't believe me, so I have taken a picture.

Later I found out that it was not a Prince on a White Horse, but an Elf on a Unicorn. A visitor to Fogo Loch out a far far fairy land. His name was Zachy Clémenceau-Silent and he was just traveling around. So, we'll see if he likes Fogo Loch and decides to join the family once. Here he is again without a Horse.

And while Zachy is thinking, let's meet another guy, who has joined our family yesterday. His name is Trebor. He was completely abandoned and lost. His soul was far away in Limbo. But our King Perseus found him and rescued from his eternal exile. Now he has joined our family as a new Blood Toy. He is lieged to our King and gave him his soul. Well, Perseus told me his blood was also tasting good. He is new and eager to learn and needs some help. So we all might need some patience as this enthusiastic new boy might have a log of questions.

And as for me guys, well, I decided to move in to the Castle. I just packed all my stuff, all my fancy dresses, Teddy bears, my collection of toys. And just moved in. So far I found a room that I think is not really in use and crammed all my suitcases there. If it's occupied already, I shall get a notice I guess. But who knows, if I am lucky I might just stay.

Have a nice weekend, guys. And see you on Fogo Loch!

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