Sunday, April 28, 2013

Inspiring Fogo Loch

Greetings guys!

Today is my Day Off for SL due to a RL event, so you probably will not see me on-line. Yeah, I know, you can finally relax without any risk that paparazzi in me will take a picture of your intimate moments ;)

But there is something I really want to share with you!

You know, that Fogo Loch is a very inspiring place. And I am glad to see that it inspires some digital artist to make their projects here. So let me show you a beautiful work by our Fogo Friend Benjamin Glendale.

It shows us the romantic magic of Fogo Loch that works on everyone. And can even unite the opposites in a sweet harmony. Great idea that is worked out beautifully. You recognize the place? It's not far from the tunnel leading to the turning place.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fogo Loch club name suggestions:

Greetings guys!

The new Fogo Nest place is almost finished. And our first club will be opened soon. You know it's closed for visitors right now, so we all need to have just a little bit more patience counting the days till the official opening. Well, as always I managed to give you a nice paparazzi picture of a tiny preview of the new sim. Enjoy!

But we also need a new name for our club. You don't want it to be something too obvious and boring or too dirty or too trashy. We need a suggestive name that works on your imagination and inspires all the guest to come and see. And here we need your help. We spent some time in brainstorming for the new name. Here there are some suggestions. You can participate in choosing a name if you like. Just pick up one to three names you like from the list. You can place your choice here as a comment (in this case others will see your choice) or send me a notecard.

You have time till Monday midday (SL time). I shall look through your choices and find out the most popular three of them. I shall present them to our King Perseus and Fly, so they can choose the final name.

Guys, don't miss your chance to give your vote, participate in Fogo Loch life and help the sim! Thanks in advance!

P.S. It's not a contest. The contest was announces on April 21st, but cancelled due to low response.

Here are the name suggestions:

1. The Black Door
2. fudge (with possible variation. Fugitive)
3. Male Box (possible variation Tool Box)
4. Cubby Hole
5. Club 69
6. Steam Heat
7. Brokeback (possible variation. Broke&Back)
8. Wet Dream
9. GoodHands
10. Zipperz (var. Z!pper, Z!pperz)
11. The Cockpit (var Cook Pete)
12. The Tunnel
13. The Renegade
14. Fog (var. Go Fogo or goFogo, GoFoGo)
15. Fock
16. Faun
17. Vibro (possible variation Vibratto)
18. Chain Drive
19. Hoods
20. B@tts
21. SLEX

New Fogo members: Gideon and Cayne

Greetings guys!

I hope you were following the notecards and you know that we have two new members: Gideon and Cayne. And well, what happens when we hear something like that? I guess you feel what I feel in this case - a huge sense of curiosity - so, who's that new guy. how does he looks, is he hot, is he funny to talk etc etc... The best way to find the answers is to visit Fogo Loch of course and meet them. But for some lazy butts here I have a weekend surprise. I met those guys already and made some pictures for you

So, meet Gideon!

Well, I noticed this guy for the first time on Morty's turning. He was sitting there silently watching the ritual, looking around and getting used to this place. Not sure if it was his first time. But he is definitely an eye catcher, don't you think guys?

The second time I saw him exploring Fogo Loch on his own. So the paparazzi spirit has taken my mind over and I made a couple of pictures secretly just for you guys. And I hope you like it. Look at this hot stud, that muscled body, that resolute look. And a nice outfit, guys, don't you think? For a body like this you don't need much clothe. Just a couple of nice boots as a finishing touch. And the shorts long enough to keep it decent. Oh, and by the way - his growl can make your body shiver.

But enough of the outer side. Cause Gideon is also a very friendly guy. As his profile tells us he comes here to have fun and build some serious friendships. He is funny and easy going guy who knows what a friendly teasing is. So, I do repeat what our King Perseus has told us in his notecard: "I am really happy for having someone like him with us!" Guys, make him feel at home. Confortable. Dont forget : we need to bound to each other. Right?" And Gideon himself is an open book as his profile tells us. Well, this picture also proves it clearly:

And now meet Cayne.

Well, I met him only once on Fogo yesterday.

He is quite a different kind of guy. Less open book and more mystery. A touch of neko tells us clearly we might deal with a nice, but very independent personality. And look, it's not a guy you easily call a pussy or a kitty here. Approach with kindness and some healthy humor, but beware of the claws.

And there seems to be a lot of hidden mystery inside. Read his profile and you may understand the name of the Dark Kingdom Cayne came from. Just don't be scared, he is a friendly guy who is open for the questions and contact. But beware of his dark side. He can easily cage you if you give him cause to do that. And he is a smart guy as you can understand once you can crack the secret code on his profile.

As our Prince Loggos has already told us, Cayne is a hybrid lycan and vampire and is also a warrior.

So we have two new Fogo members, two new powerful characters with an attractive look. So, don't stay on your lazy chair too long, come and meet the new guys, talk to your friends and have fun! The guys are waiting...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fogo Impressions Contest: The Finalists!

And finally here they are, the finalists and the winners of the Fogo Impressions Contest!


The second place with 70 points goes to our beloved Toni (Antoni Arabello), the Master of Collages. You do remember his naughty rabbit from the Easter poster, don't you guys?

Congratulations with your prize of 1000 L$, Toni!

His impression shows us the beauty of the Underwater World of Fogo Loch. The peaceful relaxing world under the misty surface of the Fogo Loch lake. A perfect place to calm down while watching the sun rays shining through the water and fish and turtle swimming by.

And the first place goes to Nikolai Warden!

With 73 points he won the contest.

Congratulations with your prize of 1500 L$, Nikolai!

And here is his powerful Fogo Impression. The artistic vision of this shadowy world soaked in mist and mystery with a resolute power in its heart.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fogo Impressions Contest #4 & #3

It's time to reveal the fourth and the third places in the ranking of the Fogo Impressions contest.

And here we are:

The fourth place with 45 points is taken by... Chris Sanders. Oh, yes, it's me ;)

And here is my Impression again. I remember I was completely overwhelmed by the autumnal colors of Fogo Loch trees, the classic interior of the Landing Point with candles (later I found the whole sim is decorated the same style) and a whiff of slight melancholy I could smell in the air. Yes, it was the magnificent charm of landing point that made me return and finally stay here after I've seen it just once... to discover much more...

And the third place, with 56 points, will go to... Epicurious Klees

We all know the charming power of the turning ritual. The sacred Blood Circle is a very good front piece of Fogo Loch reminding us of what it's all about it - the dusky world in the gap between life and death. The silent mystery of the ritual, the united feeling of a clan and the danger hidden within.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fogo Impressions Contest: #6 & #5

Are you curious what pictures are on the 6th and the 5th place in the ranking of Fogo Loch Impressions contest? Well, here they are:

The Sixth Place with 33 points belongs to...

Rian Ohanlon with his picture (#5)

Let's look at his impression again. He seems to remind us about the dark sides and places hidden in Fogo Loch. Yes, we have a very macabre Demon Area here too. And well, beware of Demons as they are not always friendly and cuddly and could be very dangerous.

And now the Fifth place with 37 points goes to...

Horus or Fontaine Chardin

His impression reminds us that Fogo Loch is about the people who come here. It's us who keeps Fogo Loch alive. And well, we love hot studs and dark places here.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Warning: Zombies on Fogo Loch!

Greetings guys!

I told you already that Fogo Loch hides a lot of interesting surprises. Like places I still keep discovering. But there are also funny people coming here. All together it provides for unforgettable experiences!

Like today I was scared to death when I saw a zombie here. Well. I am used to our peaceful ghosts at the graveyard (I was writing about them before). But today it was something different. I saw a girl near the graveyard who was looking and behaving strangely. She was covered with blood. So first I though, she might be a lycan or a vampire victim, and wanted to offer her some help. I wanted to take her to our room, comfort her, offer her a drink and a good soft bed, so she can sleep. And than I would lock her up in the basement as a surprise for my lycan fathers Jamie and Alex. But her moves were odd.

The cold sweat break through me when I realized she might have been dead for sometime already. She was a zombie! Those non-seeing eyes covered with a white mist. Her movements making her looking like a puppet. I am a Demon, that's true, but in my human form I can easily become a victim of an undead. Well, so far I managed to get along with vampires and lycans, but there is nothing I can do about a zombie. Neither charm nor reason could protect me from her.

She smelled something and I could see her running like a crazy through the bridge to the turning area attracted by the smell of blood. What if she smells me next? But fortunately the protection spells of ancient magic of Fogo Loch were triggered by this hostile invasion. So, the zombie has just disappeared. So, be careful, the family and guests of Fogo Loch! You might meet more zombies here...

Fogo Impressions Contest: #8 & #7

So, it's time to announce the place 8 and 7 in the ranking of Fogo Loch Imressions contest.

8th place... with 28 points...

Fogo Impression (#1) by our ex Duke FrklBear

A great united feeling of one big Fogo Loch family, all living under the same roof and the beautiful architecture of Fogo Loch Mansion are featured on his image.

7th place... with 29 points

Fogo Impression (#9) by Jester Eternal

The silent tension of waiting... do we see a spy watching the Fogo Loch Family? An undead observing his victim before he attacks? Or just a hot stud waiting for his date? Fogo Loch is an exciting place as we can see on this image.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Morty's turning

There was a new turning on Fogo Loch. Morty decided to die and rise again as a lycan. Here you can see him. He was very nervous, so I was trying to comfort him by telling that a turning is nothing more than going to die, getting drained of all your blood and being attacked repeatedly.

Not sure if it scared or excited him, but he had no way back anyway. Once in the circle, the magic takes it over.

You know the procedure, guys. So I will not repeat. I shall give you just some foto impressions of the part you are all craving for - the attacks. Oh, and well, the ducks are not there anymore. I think they are just gone to another sim. Strangely I noticed fears between Alex's fur recently... And talking about Alex. Here he is. No duck can escape his jump. Neither the mortal human.

And he has shown us some more magic. He took his spear with him. Hmmm... do you know the moment when the time stops and feels like the moment is frozen? I guess it's the same what Morty was feeling being laced on that spear once. I bet it felt like eternity.

King Perseus. Well, he just claims and takes what is his. No negotiations, no compromises.

And well, no captives are taken in this bloody ritual.The flesh is taken and the humanity is ripped off as a piece of an old rag.

Our Prince Loggos. Always kind, polite and friendly. Well, it looks like he is just staying there facing Morty to give him a welcome hug. Well, may be. But a well trained eye can already see the rage rising inside the vampire. And Morty will feel it all in a moment.

Epic... our elegant master of visual effects. It looks like he is just dancing with Morty. A romantic peaceful scene except the fact... it's a Dance of the Dead.

Feeling a sympathy with our Morty already? Well, I guess it's time for Morty to fight back. And well, he has already tried the taste of the rage. His claws are ready and are craving for victims.

And well, victims enough for our new Lycan to feed on.

Well, well Morty, feeling dizzy? Getting sick? What did you expect? A pumpkin juice? It's Moonshine, baby. Those are lumens flowing through your veins now. It's a howl sound exploding in your head.

And here it is. His first howl. Well, his lungs are at least four times bigger now. So, it's a very powerful howl he is making. And well, guys, I know what question is rising in your heads now. And the answer is YES, he's got everything at least four times bigger now.

And look at those deceiving eyes! You can't say NO to this furry cuddly wolfie when he politely asks for a piece of your flesh, right? I guess Alex demands to share...

And so is our Morty turned into Immorty. A new undead. A new baby Lycan. And if you want to congratulate him, remember that napkins, diapers and babysitting proposals are the most desired gift at this stage.


Fogo Impressions Contest: #9

Greetings guys!

Well, our Royals and our King Perseus were keeping us in a great tension about the winners of the Impresisons of Fogo Loch contest. And well, the winners are known by now. But... we are not there yet. Coming days the ranking will be revealed in a form of reversed countdown. The ranking of one or two candidates will be announced every day. So, we all have to be patient till Friday when the winners will get their eternal glory! And well, the tension will only grow coming days :)

And now, the 9th place... with 24 Royal points...

The Impression of Fogo Loch by Van-Igor Baily.

Let's look at his work again and admire the beauty of Fogo Loch through his eyes...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Fogo News: A fairy visit. a new bloodtoy and moving in

Greetings guys!

You know how nice it is to come here on Fogo Loch even when nobody is around. Just walk around and relax among the nice landscapes of Fogo Loch. And it's funny, cause there are still interesting surprises I meet here. Things I never discovered before. And well, the guests visiting Fogo Loch can be also amusing.

Like yesterday. I say... you don't believe me, a Prince on a White Horse. I was totally confused. Did he come for me? But my heart is already taken. For someone else? But there was nobody else on Fogo Loch at that time. Was little Amour making jokes with his arrows? Very, very confusing. I know you wouldn't believe me, so I have taken a picture.

Later I found out that it was not a Prince on a White Horse, but an Elf on a Unicorn. A visitor to Fogo Loch out a far far fairy land. His name was Zachy Clémenceau-Silent and he was just traveling around. So, we'll see if he likes Fogo Loch and decides to join the family once. Here he is again without a Horse.

And while Zachy is thinking, let's meet another guy, who has joined our family yesterday. His name is Trebor. He was completely abandoned and lost. His soul was far away in Limbo. But our King Perseus found him and rescued from his eternal exile. Now he has joined our family as a new Blood Toy. He is lieged to our King and gave him his soul. Well, Perseus told me his blood was also tasting good. He is new and eager to learn and needs some help. So we all might need some patience as this enthusiastic new boy might have a log of questions.

And as for me guys, well, I decided to move in to the Castle. I just packed all my stuff, all my fancy dresses, Teddy bears, my collection of toys. And just moved in. So far I found a room that I think is not really in use and crammed all my suitcases there. If it's occupied already, I shall get a notice I guess. But who knows, if I am lucky I might just stay.

Have a nice weekend, guys. And see you on Fogo Loch!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Some news from Fogo Loch

Greetings guys, it's time for some Fogo Loch news again

1. I am very glad to announce that my love for Fogo Loch as well as passion and efforts I put into this place have been officially recognized by the King and Royal Family. I am granted the Royal title of Knight and joined the Royal Family. Well, you can call me Sir now, so I can call you names back. But jokes aside, I am really proud of it. And here I am, the new Knight of Fogo Loch. A bit overdressed for my title, but very content.

2. My fellow Knight Servius Alecto has got a room at the Royal Palace where he can finally can get some privacy and relax without worries that his avatar might be abused by Fogo's naughty boys (myself inclusive as I like some funny RP around abandoned avatars, so be careful).

Here he is. Look, at this vampire, the way he is relaxing on that chair like a true lord. And notice that impression of being a bit bored and at the same time having some deep philosophical thoughts. I guess it's very common in those with "blue blood". Well, actually he is quite friendly and talkative.

And here is his new room. King Perseus, pa Jamie, Servius himself and me are looking around. It's not furnished yet, so I hope to come there later again when it's finished and show you a piece of personal style interior by Servius himself.

3. And speaking of naughty boys. Meet Luyten. He is our merman and a Sorcerer's Apprentice. He loves magic. but can't keep it in hand. So, he leaves a lot of mess after his magic exercises. And our King is really frustrated to clean the place from fireballs, black hoods with white rabbits in it, frogs thinking they are all princesses etc. He needs to attend a school actually or find another fellow magician and a good safe place to practice. So, please, if someone knows a good school in SL for Luyten or if you like to practice some magic together (outside Fogo Loch!), please, make contact with him.

Here he is. Notice his slender posture, some sharpness in his face combined with a touch of aloofness. I guess he has something elvish in his blood. I am sure his family tree shows a true elf among Luyten's ancestors.

And well, it would explain his affinity with magic I guess. Especially with the magic of Mother Nature.

4. The new part of Fogo Loch is closed for visitors now. Pity actually as I wanted to make a couple of sneaky pictures there and show you what it looks like. But, the King has decided to keep it a secret till the opening. Well, I understand. There will be a bathhouse with some hot action, shops, clubs... And here there comes an announcement. We do need a DJ and Fogo Loch is a nice easy platform for a wanna be DJ or a beginner. So, if you was playing with an idea to run your own beats, just talk to our King. Even if you think you don't have the talent of skills. Those can be learned and exercised. But an experienced DJ is welcome too!

Well, I can't show you any preview of new Fogo Loch Nest. So I shall place another picture here. This is the Mansion of Fogo Loch with a beatiful canopy outside. A beautiful and peaceful place to rest or a romantic chat.

Monday, April 15, 2013

13 moments of Fogo Loch party

There was a party tonight! DJ Androgene invited all the family at his Androgene's Max Men Stage Party where he was entertaining us with crazy beats and some indecent songs.It was very... gay in all meanings of this word. Full of half naked men, well, it was hot there. And all that funny talking. Men, we've almost found out someone's highly protected secrets, hehe... No,. I don't tell you anything, you just come next time and see yourself.

Some of us couldn't keep their hands off the hot balls

And those synchronized moves... feels like one big family

Even our always serious King Perseus could just relax and have some fun

And the darker the air, the crazier the beats

Epic, always good in some special effects and magic

Did I told you about one big family feeling already?

I did? Androgene, Eloy, Servius, Anne and the Party Rabbit.

There is a wild protohuman hidden in every man. White Rabbit (right, that's me), Servius, our great DJ Androgene and the King

 Servius, Alecto, a rabbit, Anne, Alex and King Perseus

 I guess the King has got the taste of music. And well, Epic and Horus are making a lovely couple together.

Yes, there was some indecent exposure. And I guess Anne got very excited about it. Wanna know what's behind the red spot? Just come next time and see yourself.

So father, so son

Meet our Magus Luyten. Also a mermin as well as our beloved Anne