Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fogo Impressions Contest: #6 & #5

Are you curious what pictures are on the 6th and the 5th place in the ranking of Fogo Loch Impressions contest? Well, here they are:

The Sixth Place with 33 points belongs to...

Rian Ohanlon with his picture (#5)

Let's look at his impression again. He seems to remind us about the dark sides and places hidden in Fogo Loch. Yes, we have a very macabre Demon Area here too. And well, beware of Demons as they are not always friendly and cuddly and could be very dangerous.

And now the Fifth place with 37 points goes to...

Horus or Fontaine Chardin

His impression reminds us that Fogo Loch is about the people who come here. It's us who keeps Fogo Loch alive. And well, we love hot studs and dark places here.

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