Monday, October 31, 2016

Hard-luck pilot

I attended a couple of the flying lessons at DRD Flying School. Well... I can't say I feel like a skilled pilot now, but I have definitely become the master in surviving the crashes.

Thank you for flying Sanders Air. And sorry, no refunds.



Deluxe Body, Head, Feet and Hands
Styled with Yves Skin (shop)

Jordan Hairstyle [Brunettes] (Men Only Monthly, October 2016)

Identity Body Shop
Dirty Trap Tattoo (Men Only Monthly, October 2016)

Hachiro Chained Jacket / Black - TMP (Men Only Monthly, October 2016)

United Colors
Antony_all in 1_pants TMP (The Mens Dept., October 2016)

Youkai Visor Black (Silver) (Bloody Horror Fair, Oct-Nov 2016)
Youkai Mask Black (Silver) (Bloody Horror Fair, Oct-Nov 2016)


Death Row Designs Mainstore
DRD post apoc camp crashed plane spot

LumiPro 2016 (lights and pose)

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Being a Superman's guest

Finally I found his place after searching for a long time. But where are you, Superman? You did invite me, right? Well, I guess you had an urgent call and gone to save the world. Well, I'll see it on the news tonight.


"The Clock Loft" (Ultra Event, September - October 2016)

Vigilante Armory (SwagBag, August 2016)

Numbers Station Desk (SwagBag, August 2016)
Numbers Station Chair (SwagBag, August 2016)

The Loft
Roxanne Balance Pendant (Uber event, October 2016)

My own creation:
Pinned Antic Map based Artwork

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Gonna ride a bike

Poses... they are easily overlooked when giving credits to creators. So this time I though - why not to start with a pose. Let's use the last one I've bought sometime ago, but didn't play with it yet. The poses appeared to go well with a TMP avatar and not really working with Niramyth Aesthetics. Well, TMP it is.



Deluxe Body, Head, Feet and Hands
Styled with Yves Skin (shop)

RK Poses Bob #3 (I think it was September round of The Crossroads)

[ hoorenbeek ]
Flat Cap from Leonardo Outfit (The Mens Dept, September 2016)
Jacket - Open - S from Aldous Outfit (The Mens Dept, October 2016)

United Colors
Antony_all in 1_pants_Tmp_Clasic (The Mens Dept, October 2016)

MeshProject Lawrence Loafers (Tres Chic, October 2016)

Background and props:

vintage road bike, leaf green (The Mens Dept, October 2016)

The Clock Loft


LumiPro 2016

Filter Forge 5.0

Hidden life of a clown

Do you know what is the other side of being a clown? He makes jokes and smiles and laughs the whole day. But what happen when he comes home after work? What is he alter ego? May be you can call yourself lucky if you never come to know the truth.



Deluxe Body, Head, Feet and Hands
Styled with Yves Skin (shop)

[CX] Juggerknot (Nailed) (SwagBag, October 2016)

Butcher Knife (Fifty Linden Friday, October 21, 2016)

United Color
UC_Antony_all in 1_pants_Tmp_Clasic (The Mens Dept., October 2016)

MeshProject Lawrence Loafers (Tres Chic, October 2016)

Background, pose and decor:

Oxford Wingback Chair (Shiny Shabby, October 2016)

"Miss Meanie" Clown Mask (Fifty Linen Firdays, October 21, 2016)
"Mister Meanie" Clown Mask (Fifty Linen Firdays, October 21, 2016)

Death Row Designs
Mystery Mansion 2 Haunted creepy clown (The Arcade Event, September 2016)
Mystery Mansion 2 Haunted puppet theatre (The Arcade Event, September 2016)

3D Villian Wall Art (SwagBag, August 2016)

Scarlet Creative
Venice Palazzo Vinci (The Arcade Event, September 2016)

LumiPro 2016
Filter Forge 5.0

Friday, October 21, 2016

Zombie battle

What I do like about the poses from Come Soon is that they come with a complete scene to make a nice shot out of the box. What I don't like is a zombie theme. But zombies were exactly the scenes Come Soon has chosen for the October SwagBag. What is Halloween without them? So I didn't have a choice but to accept the challenge. Isn't it what heroes do after all?


Scene (background, poses, props and zombies)
Come Soon - End of Line 02 - FullScene (altered, SwagBag, October 2016)


Body, Head, Hands, Eyes:
Niramyth Aesthetic Enzo v1.7 (shop)

Bad@zz - Once Hair - Black (shop)

L&B * Fitted AESTHETIC* Swear Slasher Jacket (SwagBag, October 2016)

United Colors Antony pants, Niramyth Aesthetic version (The Mens Dept, October 2016)

:BAMSE: Daemon Hunter - Gore (SwagBag, October 2016)

Eye patch:
[Z O O M] Alastor Eyepatch (SwagBag, October 2016)

LumiPro 2016
Filter Forge 5.0

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ready for the Masterpiece

Visited Kustom9 today and found a couple of a very nice sets I liked instantly. One of them was a HAIKEI gacha set All I wanna do. That would make a perfect combination with an Artist Set from TARTESSOS ARTS I already had in my inventory. So I started to prepare everything for creating my Masterpiece.


All I wanna do gacha Set (Kustom9 Event, October 2016)

TA Artist Set

[Isabelle] Hydrangea Vase [Blue]

Brocante set // Top Hat
Industrial High Culture Set // Fruit & Candles Tray // .06

Serenity Style
And I think to myself set - vase
And I think to myself - book

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dreaming of Summer

Visited Hello Tuseday by Cosmopolitan today. Found a Taylor shirt by A&D and combined it with the recent items from The Mens Dept. for a summer country look.



TheMeshProject Deluxe Body, Head and Hands
Styled with Yves Skin, Hazel Eye Pack and Arched Eyebrows. (shop)

Hat and hair:
[ hoorenbeek ] - Aldous Mesh Outift - Fedora CC 1 - Chris (The Mens Dept., October 2016)

A&D Shirt ~Taylor~ Blue (Hello Tuesday at Cosmopolitan. October 18, 2016)
United Colors - Antony pants for TMP (The Mens Dept. October 2016)
[ VERSOV ] Wonzov_Marine&White (The Mens Dept., October 2016)


Scene and pose:
8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - 03 Reader's Pier RARE

Skye - Twin Palm 3 Tall

LumiPro 2016
Filter Forge 5.0 Classic Frames

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hatched out

This all has been started like an innocent hobby. Driven by my passion for steampunk I started to make mechanical gadgets. At the certain moment the passion has become an obsession where I started to loose myself completely. I stopped seeing friends and was almost never leaving my house. I didn't notice when something dark was born inside the depths of my heart. And now it's too late...The beast is hatched out..


Niramyth Aesthetics Advanced Mesh Body Enzo (shop)

Black Maria - 2nd Anniversary hair 8 (shop)

United Colors - Antony pants for Niramyth Aesthetic (The Mens Dept. October 2016)

[ContraptioN] - Masks: Handsome Devil (The Mens Dept. October 2016)
[ContraptioN] - Sospettoso's Slasher (SwagBag, October 2016)

Sync'd Motion_Originals - Can you See 4 (SwagBag, October 2016)

LumiPro 2016

FilterForge. Crysta texture

Sweet Youth

Playing with Sweet Hair by Drot from the October's Swag Bag. And Shopping at The Mens Department Event to complete the "Sweet Look".



TheMeshProject Deluxe Body, Head and Hands
Styled with Yves Skin, Hazel Eye Pack and Arched Eyebrows. (shop)

Hair and hairbase:
*Drot* - 'Sweet' hair (SwagBag. October 2016)

Clef de Peau - Karl Jacket Navy/Striped (The Mens Dept., October 2016)
Clef de Peau -.Karl Pants Navy (The Mens Dept., October 2016)
[ VERSOV ] Wonzov_Marine&White (The Mens Dept., October 2016)


Props and pose:
NOMAD // Canopy Chaise Longue (shop, gacha)

LumiPro 2016

Saturday, October 15, 2016

No costumes, it's all real

Who needs a silly Halloween costume? I never get any. Always come as I am. And get the most compliments. Halloween is the best disguise for my true nature.

Or, you should see the great animation that accompanies taking off the machete knife.

And opening a MadPea package or a SwagBag was also an experience.


Avatar and pose

- Deluxe body with hands (store)

- Jasper Cardigan - All Colors - TMP (SwagBag, October 2016)

L&B Swear Slasher Jacket Set (SwagBag, October 2016):
- Machette Knife Draw/Sheath
- pose HUD for Machete Knife

[ hoorenbeek ]:
- Original Jeans - LowRise

- Paper Bag Mask (Fifty Linden Friday, October 14, 2016)


Apple Fall:
Country Hall as a background (store)

Knife Ceiling Lamp (Fifty Linden Friday, October 14, 2016)

Broken Mirror with Message (Friday gift)


LumiPro HUD and lights

Friday, October 14, 2016

When time is resting

The time doesn't flow linear inside this house. There is a corner where it curls into a ball on the big chair and takes some rest before it starts its next run.

Still exploring the possibilities of Apple Fall's Country Hall while playing with some new items.


Apple Fall:
- Country Hall (store)
- Oxford Wingback Chair (Shiny Shabby Event, October 2016) - white model re-colored

Scarlet Creative:
- Venice Curtains Blue MC (The Arcade Gacha Event, September 2016)

- [bauwerk] Landhaus Buffet Distressed White Wood (The Seasons Story, Fall 2016)

- The Mad Scientist's Birdcage (Fifty Lindens Friday, October 14th, 2016)

- Autumn Decor - Cinnamon Candle Green (The Crossroads Event, October 2016)
- Autumn Decor - Cinnamon Candle Blue (The Crossroads Event, October 2016)
- Autumn Decor - Dahlias Jug Purple (The Crossroads Event, October 2016)

- 36, Cherry Jam from - Green Grocers set (The Arcade Gacha Event, June 2015)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Silver Sepia Halloween

Orange and Black are the ultimate Halloween colors to me. Especially combined with all the rusty tints of the fall. But the recent visit to The Seasons Story gave me an idea of Black&White Halloween. Or to give it more nostalgic feeling, a Silver Sepia version. And it all has been started with an anniversary gift by +LunaRosarie+. A nice set of pumpkins in Black&Silver.


The Seasons Story Event, October 2016:

- L+R 3 years anniversary gift for TSS (pumpkins, gift)

Nefarious Inventions:
- [n.i] tintypes (frames, gift)

Salem Event, October 2016

The Loft:
The Loft - Hallsey Console Onyx
The Loft - Pumpkin Dough Bowl dark
The Loft - Hallsey Table Lamp Black

Fameshed, October 2016:

- Ariskea [Batch] Artificial Pumpkins


Apple Fall:
- Apple Fall Country Hall
- Apple Fall Milton Curtains
- Apple Fall Juniper Hedge - Seasonal

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Black WIdow's Tea Time

That weird smell of decay coming form Black Widow's invitation to her midnight tea party was like a warning to decline politely. But I hesitated and now I am standing at her room feeling trapped. The tea is served...

Playing with the gifts by DRD (Death Row Designs) - some gifts from Black Dahlia Hunt (is open till October 31st, 2016) look great next to the recent October VIP group's gift (Black Widow Tea Set with a Table).

Additional items used:

Garden House RARE (from Story Teller's Burrow by 8f8, The Arcade Events Gacha, September 2015)

NOMAD // Rose Bouquet in Vase // Beauty & Eternity
NOMAD // Rose Bouquet // Beauty & Eternity

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dead End

Dead end? Or is there something hidden there?


Apple Fall:

Apple Fall Farrow Wall Kit:
Apple Fall White Hall Pathway
Apple Fall Salon de Jardin


Ariskea [Batch] Full Collection (now at Fameshed)


Anhelo Vintage Road Bike (leafy green)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Let's bake a pie

As the new harvest is arrived, let's make a pie! Pumpkin and apple flavors. Everything is ready to begin.


Apple Fall

Apple Fall Country Pantry Fat Pack (Apple Fall store):
- Apple Fall Country Pantry;
- Apple Fall Stacked Wire Baskets;
- Apple Fall Hanging Wicker Basket;
- Apple Fall Country Table;
- Apple Fall Rusted Flour Tin;
- Apple Fall Rolling Pins Assorted;
- Apple Fall Gourds in Vintage Bowl;
- Apple Fall Vintage Jelly Molds.

- Apple Fall Musquee de Provence Pumpkins (Apple Fall Store);

- Apple Fall Country Hall (Apple Fall Store);

Death row designs

Mystery Mansion 2 (The Arcade Gatcha Events, September 2016, closed):
- 7. DRD MM2 Kitchen stove c/m.

(I might still have an extra copy

DRD- fleamarket:
- 1 - kitchen cupholder.


Batch (Fameshed, October 2016):
- Ariskea [Batch] Pacific Rose;
- Ariskea [Batch] Ginger Gold.

Serenity Style

And I think to myself (LTD event, October 2016):
Serenity Style- And I think to myself shelf.

Neva's Inspiration (Shiny Shabby, October 2016):
- Serenity Style- Neva's Rag;
- Serenity Style- Neva's  Inspiration Pomegranate Shelf;
- Serenity Style- Neva's  Inspiration Eggs Bowl.


Poetic Autumn (The Arcade Gacha Events, September 2016, closed):
- Harvest apples.


8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow:
- N13 - Dirty Dishes.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Postponed performance

October's Halloween Performance is postponed. For a very long time...


Mystery Mansion 2 by DRD (Death Row Design)
at The Arcade Gacha Event, September 2016 (closed now)

1. Haunted Creepy Clown (N21)
2. Eowyn's pile of junk (N24)
3. Pile of chairs (N20)
4. Mystery Mansion 2 (N28, rare)
5. Haunted Puppet Theatre (N19)
6. Creepy dolls and hanging (N22)

I still may have some copies left of: