Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fogo news and impressions

So, there are some news here to write about.

1. Well, last week I decided to make Fogo Loch my new home. I lieged to our King Perseus and now am a part of this family.

2. Fogo Loch will provide a platform for creative guys to express their talents, try their skills and get some experience. So, anyone who wants to be a DJ or a builder or an artist may get space, prims, audience and explore their talents. For a DJ it's simple, just talk to the King about the party you'd like to run. Builders and artists can try their skills by creating a temporary exposition. I was lucky to be the first in the line. Got some building permissions, prims to spend and space and creating now a kind of ultimate romantic place where the romantic moments meet the dreams of sturdy guys. It's actually finished, so I can show you the result soon.

3. The contest "Fogo impressions" is finished. There are 26 pictures made and presented to the King. He will pick 9 of them, one per artist and show to the Royal Family. I hope to show you all of those works on this blog. So, keep in touch.

And well, I understand, you may be tired by reading of so many letters in one post. I do agree - you come here to watch some nice pictures, not to read long texts. Well, let's see what do I have in my pictures archives.

Here - meet Torynne. A nice young guy. And he is hot, isn't he? Well, I am curious how many hearts he will break soon. But so far he is breaking antique vases by riding the fat boy together with father Loggos. You remember the fat boy?

And yesterday I met another two hot guys here. Meet Babylononian and that another guy. I guess his name was Rue. And he is not only funny and can entertain anyone with a hot dance. He also has a very weird hobby. He is a pillow eater. That expensive red pillow from that red antique sofa? Just gone in seconds. I know, don't look at me, ask him instead! And Babylonian? Well, he can do nice things with his cigarette. Ask him for a joint.

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