Monday, April 22, 2013

Fogo Impressions Contest: #9

Greetings guys!

Well, our Royals and our King Perseus were keeping us in a great tension about the winners of the Impresisons of Fogo Loch contest. And well, the winners are known by now. But... we are not there yet. Coming days the ranking will be revealed in a form of reversed countdown. The ranking of one or two candidates will be announced every day. So, we all have to be patient till Friday when the winners will get their eternal glory! And well, the tension will only grow coming days :)

And now, the 9th place... with 24 Royal points...

The Impression of Fogo Loch by Van-Igor Baily.

Let's look at his work again and admire the beauty of Fogo Loch through his eyes...

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