Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meet the Fogo Moon

You remember I told you about the initiative of King Perseus to provide an opportunity for builders and artists to be to express themselves and gain some experience? Well, that nice chance has turned into an exciting project to me. So, meet the Fogo Moon.

It's a well known fact that people in love may give a lot of impracticable promises. Like they promise to give you the moon and the stars... Why not? My dear Fogo family, I am presenting you the Moon, so you can give it to the one you love. And our lycans can show now how beautiful the magic of the moon can be. So, fall in love, give unfeasible promises and take your beloved one to the Fogo Moon for some romantic moments and... well may be also for some hot man-to-man action.

And here it is... on the other side of the Moon, the general view.

Listen to strange alien background sounds, watch the moving stars and the Earth far far away and feel the intimate moment of being with someone you love. Just a two of you in the whole world...

You thought the Moon was lifeless and empty? Well, not the Fogo Moon. Lycans did always know the truth of course. White magic tree blesses you both with the Moonshine drops. And why don't you play a nice love song to charm your date with your musical skills? You've probably recognized the style... Yes, our beloved Nila has helped me on that.

Invite your date for a romantic dinner. What can be more romantic like a dinner on the Moon under the soft light of an old gas lantern?

And what do we have here? Just a nice lovely bench? But why is it hidden? Well, this bench hides more than you think. Depending on your intentions and clicking skills it might provide just a surface to sit on and have some rest or... may be some hot blueballs man-to-man action... And if you don't want to go that far on your first date, well, notice the bright star and impress each other with a nice dance. There is also a heart for a couple dance.

And if you get cold and start to feel weird on the cool surface of the Moon, just go inside the dock. Its decorations may bring you back to the times of Jules Verne. And may be he was the one who has written his books at that Gothic table where the scented Moonshine flower invites you to join its fantasy.

Oh, and this carpet has its secrets too. Try its corners and you might discover more of that hot blueballs magic...

Just let me know if you liked it. And, the feedback is also highly appreciated.

And how can you come to this place? Well, here, on the landing point, near the teleport rose there is a new teleporter in the shape of a pentagram with a Moon under it. It will bring you right to the Moon.

I would like to thank our King Perseus for this nice possibilities and also for the heart he donated to the Moon. Also many thanks to our dear Nila for her advice, help and the magic she brought to the Fogo Moon with that wonderful tree and the piano. Thank you Servius for your help and advice on the music script. And my dear fathers Alex and Jamie, thanks for expressing your enthusiasm and trust encouraging me on that project.

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