Thursday, April 4, 2013

Memento Mori

Graveyard on Fogo is one of my favorite places I discovered recently. It may be weird to like a graveyard. Well, I think that only those who are afraid of death avoid to face it. But it's an inevitable part of life. Something much bigger than anyone, so there is no control possible. So, it's better to accept the death as a part of our life as it accepts our right to live.  A painful experience sometimes, I know. "Memento mori" as the wise men of the past told us.

Well, on Fogo I love that synthesis between the life and death. The perfect balance of nature. The dead tree is there in the middle of the graveyard. And at the same time I see a ray of light breaking through. And very beautiful view of the sea and sunset. The ghosts are quiet and harmless. They bring some peace to this place without disturbing this world of living.

I told you it's always sunset on Fogo. The perfect moment between the daylight and the dusk. I was enjoying this view together with the King one day. And he told me that it was an idea to combine Fire. Water and Light. I guess he is succeeded here too. It's fascinating to watch this never ending sunset.

And a small romantic touch. A flying bench in this place. A creepy place? Well, how is about flying through the ghosts? I really love that experience. It's calming, soothing and somehow... enjoyable.

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