Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Twilight wanderer

Winter Moon is an interesting place to visit on SL. Soaked in eternal twilight and rain it has that unique combination between the soothing melancholy, romantic feelings and some Alice in Wonderland kind weirdness. The grey color of rainy twilight sets the tone supported by the leafy green of the trees and the soft light of lanterns. It´s a perfect place for a wanderer who is looking for impressions.

Well, I guess I better show you some of mine...

Welcome into my slightly melancholic journey under the rain

Twilight, rain, water, soft light, ruins and a lot of space and places to be alone or enjoy a romantic date:

And while sitting there watching the reflections in water and listening to the nice music I could enjoy a cup of hot chocolade

Another way to enjoy the pressing heaviness of clouds on the water while feeling light and happy as a child.

A perfect place for the Midnight Margharita's. That's a very special and beloved witch ritual if we have to believe The Practical Magic movies. Well, I've never seen the Midnight Margharita within any witchcraft, but well, in the movie it was filled with a lot of joy and fun. And here is a perfect place to have it. And I even had a random companion who remained silent.

And here he is, the silent witness of my twilight discovery...

And well, what could be weird and romantic at the same time than wearing the perfectly white suit in the rain while playing some romantic songs...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Turning on Fogo: Torynne

Some pictures from Torynne's turning made by Eloy:

Wolfie's education

Meet Wolfie, the white wolf of Fogo Loch. He is curious, friendly and loyal. A faithful listener to whom I can share all my problems, thought of concerns. He always listens without interrupting, he never rushes to give a nonsense advice, but modestly keeps his own opinion with him. And I am always sure all my secrets are safe with him. It's nice to sit together as two old friends and just observe the rising moon or the quiet water surface or the fog trailing across the ground. It's always very peaceful and relaxing with Wolfie. A soothing and healing experience.

And today Wolfie wanted to learn how to read. So I explained him and he was paying attention to the lesson. Well, at the end we could read what the welcome board on Landing Points says. I guess he is happy with his new skill.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Rising of the Dark Prince

The Hero left this world early in the morning to fight the dark world. Full of courage he swore to cast down the Prince of Darkness and free the human race from his power. He killed the Cerberus, the guardian dog of Hell, so he could enter the other side. And finally he found the Prince of Darkness and frighted him and defeated. He took his crown as a symbol of the victory. And now the Hero is back appareled in his trophies. But the Sun went down when he came and water was burning under his feet. The bloodcurdling fear filled the world of the living as they saw the New Prince of Darkness rising. The Hero has not even noticed when he became one. And now the new fight is waiting - the fight with his own dark side. Would he win this battle? Or is acceptance the only outcome?

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Temple of Serenity

Welcome to the temple of serenity where the silence sets the rules. Even the natural sounds here are muffled in a soft fluffy mist. Be quiet and move as inconspicuous as you can. The Guardians of Silence are watching over this place. One sudden noise can raise their suspicion. And it takes just a fraction of a second to realize the danger coming from the intruder and take the magic of serenity far away. But keep calm and you will be rewarded. Cause at a certain moment you can hear how your own heart beating resonates with the heart of this magic place.

I could experience this apparition is made on the Rosemist Isle, a wonderful fairy tale place made by our beloved Nila Byron. Yes, the one who made the Fogo Loch too.
Rosemist Isle:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

When dawn meets dusk

Let me take you into a mysterious place on the edge of the worlds where the dawn meets dusk. Where the time is knotted into an eternal loop between the moments. We go there by ship and let the Mistral, the fierce Northern wind to fill our sails. And once we arrive, there will be no yesterday, today or tomorrow, just you and me inside the neverending twilight.

P.S. The picture is made on a random Pirate's sim.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sneak preview: Our new club Z!pperZ

Greetings guys, 

You remeber I've told you about our new club already here? Well, the new club is completely finished and today I've got a generous offer from our King Perseus to visit it and make a short sneak preview for the readers of Chris Chronicles. So, welcome to the ancient world of Maya. Deep in the jungle between the poisonous snakes and spiders you find that pyramid hidden between the green trees...

There were more suggestions of a new logo for a club. And our King had some tough days trying to choose. One suggestion was obviously outstanding as it perfectly reflected the Maya spirit of the new club. The logo is developed by WayneNZ, our Magician of Graphic Design. Made on a transparent layer it fits any texture when applied. Even the landscape of Fogo-I decaying in a golden sunset.

And here it is. The entrance to the club decorated with the Z!pperZ logo on the wall. And our welcoming King Perseus inviting us to follow him into the darkness of that mysterious arch. What shall we find there?Notice the welcoming openness of his zipper.

And finally here it is. Our new club. Placed inside a natural environment of the jungles under the open sky. No flashing lights, no deliriously psychedelic floors. Just hot beats, nice music and space to dance.

And here is a piece of hot of Dancing Royal Butts for all of you. Well, it't hot, so don't get your fingers burned on it. Approaching and touching on your own risk! But I guess our King Perseus is just very happy about the fact that the club is finished and completed with a logo. So, here is his Dance of Great Joy.

As I already told you, the Z!pperZ club opens its doors for everyone! You don't have to be the Fogo Family member or be into the Bloodlines. Just come and have fun!

The link to join: secondlife:///app/group/9b2ba472-6a6f-61b5-3469-1d0cac81ec3d/about

Well, and to remind you all that dancing heals all the wounds, here is a hot song to dance:

Monday, May 13, 2013

Living the life of a Gentleman

It's waking up early in the morning, before the sunrise and meeting the rising sun on a top of the Eiffel tower, right in the middle of Paris of XIX's century. Chatting with your best friend about the philosophic matters of life. And than just jumping into the new day with a parachute... to find a nice cosy cafe to continue the high society talk.

On the picture: In Paris with Servius Alecto.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Demon character

Sometimes you meet Demons in SL. And each of them has its own story. I can tell you mine.

The Demons are the powerful entities, who can concentrate on one certain task within the domain of his power. A magus can call the Demon if he knows his name. He can force the Demon to serve him if he posses the seal with the Demon's name on it. In this case Demon agrees to perform a single task the magus may require, but always for a price.

I was called by a vampire magician who required my services. I've done what he asked and as a price I wanted to spend a part of my eternal life as a human being. And with the power of the magician my wish was fulfilled. 

When I was turned into a human I lost my Demonic shape, but I still keep some rudiments. Like a tail I hide inside my pants. Or a couple of horns I wear under my hat. And sometimes I like to put my special suit on made from a dragon lizard's leather. Its scaly structure reminds me of my Demon skin I used to wear sometimes.

I don't posses the Demon's energy anymore. But I keep some habits I used to have. I drink blood sometimes as easy as I'd drink a glass of a good red wine. I come to dark creepy places where I can feel myself at home. Sometimes I fall into a hermit state and spend time being a silent witness of life events. And well, I guess I still have a tendency to collect the souls. So, I don't mind to get yours too.

And well, being a human I guess I started to develop an interesting hobby. Photography. The way to remember the precious moments of my human being... In case my memory will not be able to keep them all.

The pictures is made in Demon Area of Fogo Loch.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Turning of Trebor Rufus at Fogo Loch

This time I couldn't wittness the turning ceremony of our new family member Trebor Rufus. But fortunately Eloy made some nice pictures during the turning, so this important moment can be saved in the archives of Fogo Loch for the future generations. Thank you, Eloy and Trebor for your contribution to Chris Chronicles.

I can't comment on those pictures as I wasn't there myself, but let's listen to the story told by Trebor himself:

I have been living in SL for just over 3 years now, not doing much, attending night clubs and RLV adventure parks. I had been offline for 3 months and got back online middle of March this year. And one night by chance I came across this clan and was welcomed with open arms. Our dear King helped me through the process, and since then have been welcomed by others in the clan with equal kindness.

I've also asked Trebor to share his own impressions about the turning:

Well with my turning delayed 24hrs i was doubly nervous, but i needn't had been. It was quite an intimate affair, which suited me, and those present made me very welcome and at ease.
It was an electrifying experience, so much so I could not sleep and came back online till 4am my time at which point the King reminded me i should be sleeping lol. Thanks again to all in the clan that have made me so welcome.

So, Trebor is our Baby Vampire now. So, please, help him on his way. Check his napkins when you meet him, ask if you can offer some babysitting. You know, the usual stuff. Well, and let's wish Trebor best of luck in hunting and collecting new souls.

And, please, enjoy just another couple of pictures and especially those of our welcoming and caring King Perseus.

Hmmm, and whom might that be there hiding his identity under the mask and the cloak of Fogo?

Friday, May 10, 2013

SLpicture: Hotel The Road to Hell

You can't find this hotel on the map. And it's not listed on the Yellow Pages either. It seems like it doesn't exists and yet it can find a lonely wanderer who is searching for adventures. Mostly on a stormy day in the middle of the nowhere it appears in front of a desperate stranger who has lost all hope to find a shelter. First its contours appear slowly through the mist. And than the reception suddenly faces the adventurer.

It's a creepy place that can frighten everyone. Just the look of this place gives an immediate command to the common sense: "Run away, right now as far as you can. Just away from this place and pray never find it again". But a desperate traveler who is tired and hungry can't notice the danger. He would be just glad to find his shelter.

Welcome to the reception of the Hotel The Road to Hell. The check-in is easy. No credit card or cash needed. You can pay later. There are free rooms and you can stay as long as you wish. No, there is no a check-out hour. Don't worry about anything, just come in. Here is your key. And, well, just leave your luggage here. I'll take care of it. You'll not be needing it anyway once you come inside...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

SLpicture: Dreamflight

No words today, just pictures of a Dreamflight I made last week. Thanks to Servius who has suggested this experience to try it after discovering it on Benjamin's pictures. I've already shared them on my Facebook. But let those pictures be here as well...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fogo Loch Lake II: our marine family members

I hope you have enjoyed the swimming guys on Epic's pictures I've shown you yesterday. Today I promised to show you our marine family members. You don't see them often. But if you are patient to wait long enough  near the silent surface of a lake on a quiet day, you might be rewarded with a beautiful dance performed by Anne and Toni.

And to see more, you need a deeper dive and be able to stay for a long time under the water. So I was very glad with that gift I got from our generous Baroness Anne. She gave me the aqualung, so I could patiently wait for  our marines to come.

Luyten was the first guest who came to welcome me. You remember that elvish sharpness in his face? Well, he is also a mermen. And he is very quick underwater. I could barely make a picture of him. But well, here is a nice trial.

And here is our Anne again. A Baroness of our Family on the land she is a true Queen underwater.

The butler fish are always ready to serve their Lady.

And here is our Toni, the guy who makes wonderful posters for Fogo Loch. He looks like a true King underwater.

A Royal Dance I was invited to watch was charming...

More creatures of the lake came to look at me driven by their curiosity...

Unfortunately, the air in my aqualung was finished, so I had to return to the Landing Point just at the moment when the nice underwater feast seemed to begin...