Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Some news from Fogo Loch

Greetings guys, it's time for some Fogo Loch news again

1. I am very glad to announce that my love for Fogo Loch as well as passion and efforts I put into this place have been officially recognized by the King and Royal Family. I am granted the Royal title of Knight and joined the Royal Family. Well, you can call me Sir now, so I can call you names back. But jokes aside, I am really proud of it. And here I am, the new Knight of Fogo Loch. A bit overdressed for my title, but very content.

2. My fellow Knight Servius Alecto has got a room at the Royal Palace where he can finally can get some privacy and relax without worries that his avatar might be abused by Fogo's naughty boys (myself inclusive as I like some funny RP around abandoned avatars, so be careful).

Here he is. Look, at this vampire, the way he is relaxing on that chair like a true lord. And notice that impression of being a bit bored and at the same time having some deep philosophical thoughts. I guess it's very common in those with "blue blood". Well, actually he is quite friendly and talkative.

And here is his new room. King Perseus, pa Jamie, Servius himself and me are looking around. It's not furnished yet, so I hope to come there later again when it's finished and show you a piece of personal style interior by Servius himself.

3. And speaking of naughty boys. Meet Luyten. He is our merman and a Sorcerer's Apprentice. He loves magic. but can't keep it in hand. So, he leaves a lot of mess after his magic exercises. And our King is really frustrated to clean the place from fireballs, black hoods with white rabbits in it, frogs thinking they are all princesses etc. He needs to attend a school actually or find another fellow magician and a good safe place to practice. So, please, if someone knows a good school in SL for Luyten or if you like to practice some magic together (outside Fogo Loch!), please, make contact with him.

Here he is. Notice his slender posture, some sharpness in his face combined with a touch of aloofness. I guess he has something elvish in his blood. I am sure his family tree shows a true elf among Luyten's ancestors.

And well, it would explain his affinity with magic I guess. Especially with the magic of Mother Nature.

4. The new part of Fogo Loch is closed for visitors now. Pity actually as I wanted to make a couple of sneaky pictures there and show you what it looks like. But, the King has decided to keep it a secret till the opening. Well, I understand. There will be a bathhouse with some hot action, shops, clubs... And here there comes an announcement. We do need a DJ and Fogo Loch is a nice easy platform for a wanna be DJ or a beginner. So, if you was playing with an idea to run your own beats, just talk to our King. Even if you think you don't have the talent of skills. Those can be learned and exercised. But an experienced DJ is welcome too!

Well, I can't show you any preview of new Fogo Loch Nest. So I shall place another picture here. This is the Mansion of Fogo Loch with a beatiful canopy outside. A beautiful and peaceful place to rest or a romantic chat.

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