Monday, April 1, 2013

The Book about everything

It's a little but quiet right now at Fogo where I feel more and more at home. It's 4:06 AM, but it doesn't feel like that. Here in this place it's always sunset, the eternal moment between the brightness of the day and the shadows of the night. The colors are soft and the sounds are relaxing.

So I found a nice book I am reading here often. It's about everything actually. The household section written by a vampire slayer is the most amusing. So today I learn about the following things:

1. Issues with making a vampire steak: the best tips to preheat the cold blooded flesh.
2. Safety measures when using the dragon blood: tips from the experienced firemen.
3. Lycan fur - the ethical aspects of wearing it for a noble man.

It's a very strange book indeed.

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