Monday, April 8, 2013

Alice in Wonderland Madness

So, as you already know, there was a party at Chiaroscuro. Alice in Wonderland Party with a nice decorations.

Alice herself was welcoming guests and taking them into her dance.

And I guess this is Alice again after eating magic mushrooms and smoking with a Blue Catepillar

The time was still at that place. And I was completely hypnotized by the still standing clock and ready to follow the white rabbit anywhere.

Enjoy the psychedelic colors and weird decorations. And we had a lot of fun after eating that "Eat Me" cake.

Flamingo entertained the guests inviting them to play cricket.

You might know the griffin as a serious creature, but even he couldn't resist to join the charming mixture of fun and madness. And the roses, well, nobody could finish painting them.

I was not the only Mad Hatter there on the party. It's crazy when you meet yourself.

And I have also met another evil me.

The total madness as I already told you.

Suddenly it has reached the point of spontaneous combustion.

Meet the kitty till she is gone, so you could only catch her smile slowly decaying in the air. 

I guess this rabbit doesn't care anymore if he is late or not. Just smelling white roses and dancing in Nirvana.

And don't forget to bow for the Queen if you wish to keep your head on.

And there is always time for some magic.

Kitties are not always that nice and kind. But always smiling, of course.

Another cat? Or do we have a wild tiger here? Or is that the magic of those mushrooms I ate is now playing games with me and makes me see a tiger in every cat?

Feel overwhelmed by all that craziness? Wanna leave already? Well, you know what to do... follow the white rabbit...

Missing something? Yes, I am not on those pictures, that's right. But that's because I already put my whole outfit in details on another post here:


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