Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mad Bad Hatter

There will be a party today at Chiaroscuro at 2 PM SL time. The theme is Alice in Wonderland. Those parties are always nice to visit as the guests do pay attention to their costumes. So, it´s a good pace to see some amazing outfits. Not sure I can go there. But in case I am, well, my outfit is ready.

It's Mad Hatter. Just 50 years after... when his crazyness has turned into something evil. So he is very mad and very bad now. Here he is...

One closer look to enjoy the seductive power of evil...

And a finishing touch here... So, Alice, you don't have to worry, This Mad Hatter will not harm you at all. He is after the rabbit these days. Got a surprise for you, rabbit to nibble on... So, come and show your fluffy tail. And don't get late this time.

P.S. The pictures are made at the Demon's Area of Fogo.

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