Monday, September 30, 2013

Bridge to the Fairytale

Nice to come back to SL. I guess it is its Fantasy aspect offering a nice escape from reality is what I was missing a lot. But finally I found that bridge to the Fantasy Land again.

The picture is taken at Rosemist Island decorated by Nila Byron

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Coming home

Yesterday I came back to Fogo Loch for the first time after a long period of absence. It was a very strange feeling. The LM point was looking very familiar and gave me that Home Sweet Home feeling. But at the same time, looking at all the new guys there I was kind of asking myself "Who are those people!". And to make that initial shock even worse I found that one of my most favorite place on Fogo Loch has gone... Well, it will always remain in my memories and on this picture.

The mansion is gone forever to make place for a village. So very carefully I was walking on the familiar land observing the landscapes I couldn't recognize till I discovered the perfect place I needed. A tavern. Full of different sort of liquids and magical potions to forget the problems, brighten the world and warm the spirit. A Satyr barmen was very eager to please a random adventurer and offered me a drink. A double portion of whisky was exactly what I needed.

I looked around once more after the glass was empty and the village was not looking that strange to me anymore. That Sweet Home feeling was coming back again. In fact I noticed that the village suited Fogo Loch very well, I guess it was the missing part that finally found its place now. Fireplace was the only place I was feeling nervous about. Well, it was actually talking notifying everyone in the room when the new log was put in it. A creepy thing I'd say, but I guess I just need some time to get used to it. Who knows, may be one day I even fancy a small talk with that creepy Fireplace. And yesterday, well, the Satyr Risi was entertaining me with his chat. I guess he tends to use quite sophisticated language sometimes, but he is a Master of entertaining sarcasm who helped me to enjoy my first evening back home.