Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The turning of Jamie

The turning of Jamie was a very special moment to me as Jamie and his friend Alex are my dads. I know, I was surprised myself when we found it out. And it was a very beautiful ceremony. Many friends and members of Fogo family were present, so Jamie was turned inside a full circle. Even our wolfie came to visit. The music was divine and the King... well, I guess the King had a lot of inspiration this day.

And here he is. Our hot stud completely ready for the deadly transformation. A little bit nervous. And he should be as it will be a tough bloody game in a moment.

Turning might appear to be a romantic ceremony. But it's all about being attacked as it's the only way to lose all the blood and be roughly stripped of the humanity. For tough guys only as I've already said.

King is always the first who attacks.

Jamie is not safe anymore. Even his best friend and partner Alex jumps eagerly on Jamie. But this time with different intentions.

And you thought this lovely lady would show some mercy? No way! Dame Anne hits right... in the heart.

Some attacks were very mean. Like the one of Buzz who squirmed himself into the ground and attacked his unsuspected victim from the underground. Stylish and mean.

But the roles are reversed at the moment Jamie is touched by the darkness. The rage is growing inside him now. And nobody in the circle is safe anymore. Jamie takes his revenge and feeds himself with lumens.

No King has power to resist the the new born lycan. But King Perseus willingly invites Jamie for the Royal tasting.

Not even the wings can keep this angel safe. He falls under the vigorous Jamie's attack.

And even his best friend Alex can feel the claws of Jamie. Probably not for the first time. But this is the only one moment that is more than just a thrill. This last sacred attack is what makes Jamie a lycan. The dream of this hot tough stud is finally complete.

His first howl with his full lycan lungs.

The happy couple. Alex and Jamie. I guess there is only one thing they are thinking of now - the way how they both will enjoy running through the forest together like two playful cubs.

And here is our new born lycan Jamie. The baby lycan as King says. So I guess Alex will be very busy coming days with changing napkins and babysitting.

I guess I am lucky that both of my dads are lycans now. They promised me puppies already...


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