Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fogo Loch on Social Media

Greetings guys,

Well, we all love SL. The beautiful places we visit here and the nice friends we meet. Some of us are more addicted than others. And some might like to keep the SL running on the background 24/7. Ah, we all know the drive ;)

The viewer gives us the best way to enjoy the SL world. But... there are more possibilities. Like Social Media. They can extend the SL experience and add some new opportunities to it. Especially when the viewer is not available. So you can enjoy a chat with your SL friends or dwell over the nostalgic memories while looking through some pictures from that other life. It's also a nice platform for those of us who want to use SL as a form of artistic expression. And of course it's still a possibility to promote your sim, your shop, your work etc etc.

So, here are some possibilities for the devoted Fogo Loch family members:

Of course I mention this blog first. As you know I am writing about my experiences here and try to illustrate it with some pictures. This blog is not only about Fogo Loch, but you can always use the "fogo" tag to narrow the focus.

If you like to write about your Fogo Loch experience too (or general SL experience), you can do it here as well. Just prepare the text and the pictures and I shall place them here on behalf of you. I guess the blogger also gives me an opportunity to add you as a writer (but think you need to open a google account for that). Let me know if you are interested. Royals, you can also use this platform for announcements.


Some of us do have a Facebook account. And we also do have a Fogo Loch Facebook page now. We can try to manage that all Fogo Loch related stuff will come there, so you can easily follow the news, your friends and favorite pictures. And please feel free to share your Fogo Loch moments there.But Facebook is more for fun. The notecards remain to be the only official source of information.

Here is the link to follow. Come and see who is on Facebook:


There is also a Fogo Loch group on Flickr

Here you can find or place the pictures about the Fogo Loch life. You need a Yahoo account to be able to do that. It looks like Flickr allows to sign in with a Facebook account, but today it insisted me to create a Yahoo one. Now I have two accounts on Flickr... Well, the technical side sucks sometimes.

I'd also like to mention a Flickr page of our dear member Benjamin Glendale, who makes very beautiful and hot pictures. It's not always about Fogo, but... it's about what we love - hot studs and beautiful landscapes  Well, due to an unclear Facebook policy some of his hot stuff can not be placed on Facebook, but you can find all his works on Flickr:

And don't forget that we are the members of Bloodlines and have our page there.

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