Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wolfie's education

Meet Wolfie, the white wolf of Fogo Loch. He is curious, friendly and loyal. A faithful listener to whom I can share all my problems, thought of concerns. He always listens without interrupting, he never rushes to give a nonsense advice, but modestly keeps his own opinion with him. And I am always sure all my secrets are safe with him. It's nice to sit together as two old friends and just observe the rising moon or the quiet water surface or the fog trailing across the ground. It's always very peaceful and relaxing with Wolfie. A soothing and healing experience.

And today Wolfie wanted to learn how to read. So I explained him and he was paying attention to the lesson. Well, at the end we could read what the welcome board on Landing Points says. I guess he is happy with his new skill.

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