Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fogo Loch Lake II: our marine family members

I hope you have enjoyed the swimming guys on Epic's pictures I've shown you yesterday. Today I promised to show you our marine family members. You don't see them often. But if you are patient to wait long enough  near the silent surface of a lake on a quiet day, you might be rewarded with a beautiful dance performed by Anne and Toni.

And to see more, you need a deeper dive and be able to stay for a long time under the water. So I was very glad with that gift I got from our generous Baroness Anne. She gave me the aqualung, so I could patiently wait for  our marines to come.

Luyten was the first guest who came to welcome me. You remember that elvish sharpness in his face? Well, he is also a mermen. And he is very quick underwater. I could barely make a picture of him. But well, here is a nice trial.

And here is our Anne again. A Baroness of our Family on the land she is a true Queen underwater.

The butler fish are always ready to serve their Lady.

And here is our Toni, the guy who makes wonderful posters for Fogo Loch. He looks like a true King underwater.

A Royal Dance I was invited to watch was charming...

More creatures of the lake came to look at me driven by their curiosity...

Unfortunately, the air in my aqualung was finished, so I had to return to the Landing Point just at the moment when the nice underwater feast seemed to begin...

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