Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fogo Loch Lake

As a loyal Fogo Loch member you probably know that the name Fogo Loch is a combination of the Portuguese word for Fire - Fogo and the Scottish name for Lake - Loch (think of Loch Ness monster). The fiery side of Fogo Loch is easy to see. The eternal sunset that colors the whole sim in the hue of glowing embers. The different shades of red on the trees. And of course the fiery spirit of hot studs of Fogo Loch. The lake side is a little bit hidden, but still it's there - right in the center. It's always covered with the mist hiding its deepest secrets.

The soothing water of the Lake is very pleasant to swim in. And when it gets too hot on the landing point, guys just jump in to the calming waters to cool down. Like here on this page made by our Epic. Pity, I missed this event myself. Probably we need to repeat it.

But the waters of Fogo Loch Lake are hiding more mysteries. To reveal them all you should go under the water surface. And when I am talking of mysteries, I don't mean just some pronounced abs, muscled legs and hot butts. For the mysteries of Fogo Loch Lake you should go much deeper... But first let's enjoy the wonderful view on another picture made by Epic.

And once we feel ready to leave the swimming guys, we can exchange the view of hot bottoms for the beautiful landscapes on the bottom of the lake.

The ruins of an ancient castles are now giving a shelter to the lake creatures. The sun rays are still shining through that abandoned window, but there is no wind that can sing in its holes.

Some mysterious magic objects are hidden there. Be careful... you never know the purpose of this sophisticated device. May be it turns people into water creatures like fish or turtles?

And here they are. The friendly inhabitants of Fogo Loch lake. Or are they the members of Fogo Loch family who tried their curiosity on the magic device from the previous picture? You can only guess and they can't say it.

Well, it was just a short diving experience into the depths of the Fogo Loch Lake. Next time we'll stay longer and try to meet our marine family members.

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