Sunday, May 12, 2013

Demon character

Sometimes you meet Demons in SL. And each of them has its own story. I can tell you mine.

The Demons are the powerful entities, who can concentrate on one certain task within the domain of his power. A magus can call the Demon if he knows his name. He can force the Demon to serve him if he posses the seal with the Demon's name on it. In this case Demon agrees to perform a single task the magus may require, but always for a price.

I was called by a vampire magician who required my services. I've done what he asked and as a price I wanted to spend a part of my eternal life as a human being. And with the power of the magician my wish was fulfilled. 

When I was turned into a human I lost my Demonic shape, but I still keep some rudiments. Like a tail I hide inside my pants. Or a couple of horns I wear under my hat. And sometimes I like to put my special suit on made from a dragon lizard's leather. Its scaly structure reminds me of my Demon skin I used to wear sometimes.

I don't posses the Demon's energy anymore. But I keep some habits I used to have. I drink blood sometimes as easy as I'd drink a glass of a good red wine. I come to dark creepy places where I can feel myself at home. Sometimes I fall into a hermit state and spend time being a silent witness of life events. And well, I guess I still have a tendency to collect the souls. So, I don't mind to get yours too.

And well, being a human I guess I started to develop an interesting hobby. Photography. The way to remember the precious moments of my human being... In case my memory will not be able to keep them all.

The pictures is made in Demon Area of Fogo Loch.

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