Saturday, May 11, 2013

Turning of Trebor Rufus at Fogo Loch

This time I couldn't wittness the turning ceremony of our new family member Trebor Rufus. But fortunately Eloy made some nice pictures during the turning, so this important moment can be saved in the archives of Fogo Loch for the future generations. Thank you, Eloy and Trebor for your contribution to Chris Chronicles.

I can't comment on those pictures as I wasn't there myself, but let's listen to the story told by Trebor himself:

I have been living in SL for just over 3 years now, not doing much, attending night clubs and RLV adventure parks. I had been offline for 3 months and got back online middle of March this year. And one night by chance I came across this clan and was welcomed with open arms. Our dear King helped me through the process, and since then have been welcomed by others in the clan with equal kindness.

I've also asked Trebor to share his own impressions about the turning:

Well with my turning delayed 24hrs i was doubly nervous, but i needn't had been. It was quite an intimate affair, which suited me, and those present made me very welcome and at ease.
It was an electrifying experience, so much so I could not sleep and came back online till 4am my time at which point the King reminded me i should be sleeping lol. Thanks again to all in the clan that have made me so welcome.

So, Trebor is our Baby Vampire now. So, please, help him on his way. Check his napkins when you meet him, ask if you can offer some babysitting. You know, the usual stuff. Well, and let's wish Trebor best of luck in hunting and collecting new souls.

And, please, enjoy just another couple of pictures and especially those of our welcoming and caring King Perseus.

Hmmm, and whom might that be there hiding his identity under the mask and the cloak of Fogo?

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