Saturday, May 4, 2013

Meet Z!pperZ

Greetings guys!

The new Fogo Loch part that we call Fogo-2 or Fogo Nest is almost ready. And we have got the new club! The name for our new club was a subject for hot discussions, glowing emotions and tough decisions. But now it's a hard fact. It's


Probably not the perfect one as our King Perseus tells us in his note, but appealing to the most of Fogo Loch members as we could see from the voting. So, see you at Z!pperZ, guys?

Well as a small gift for the new club I'd like to suggest the logo that I think would fit the new name and the spirit of Fogo as well. Here it is! I hope you like it guys. It's not official yet. So, with this note I submit this new logo to the judgment of King Perseus. Please, support it if you like it and well, if not - come with your own version. There might be a lot of creativity hidden within the Fogo Loch members, so don't hold it in, guys, let it come out.

And as last I'd like to repeat the King's announcement:

We do need DJ's, Hosts, Dancers and Escorts for the new club. So, please, if you feel you might like to try yourself in one of those positions, please, send a message to our Knight Buzz! Don't hesitate, dare to take your chance. Let the creativity flow...

P.S. Just as a side note. Tomorrow is the turning of Trebor Rufus, I will not be able to wittiness it and takes the pictures. But all of you are welcome to do that. Please, take pictures, prepare a short accompanying text and send it to me. I'd be glad to post it here on your name. And, please, be there if you can to support Trebor on his important step.

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