Friday, May 3, 2013

The other side of Fogo guys

Greetings guys,

Today my paparazzi spirit made something special for you. I guess you've already seen enough of usual Fogo Loch and its guys and probably know some as good friends. Well, as I keep saying there are always surprises to be found on Fogo Loch if you visit it often or secret places to be revealed if you walk there and search long enough... But there are much more secrets hidden within the Fogo members... I know already too many of them to stay alive. So, keeping them secret is the only thing I can do to survive. But on the other hand I still can show you some paparazzi pictures. So, meet the other side of Fogo Loch family.

The King

The King comes first or course. We all know our King Perseus in his daily outfit. His furry muscular torso covered with a T-shirt and jeans with thousand holes in it. I always get lost when I try to count them. Never succeeded to find out how many of them are there. And sometimes we can see him in an unbuttoned shirt showing his wild furry chest. And a tie casually hanging around his neck and inviting to play with it. Yes, I know our King is hot. And don't forget The Hat! I guess we always see him in his hat that seems to be like his crown. I even wonder if he takes his hat off when he goes to sleep... But did you know that our Perseus has a very sexy wild coup of hair? And that  he has his Royal Suit he is wearing for the official occasions? Here is a sneak preview of our King Perseus. The one you might have not seen yet. I have made it during the official Royal Meeting. Enjoy those seductive eyes and the Royal Look.


Fly... another mystery of Fogo. Actually a very important person who makes a lot of Fogo experiences possible, but also prefers to stay in the shadows. Sometimes he comes and joins the fun and sometimes just stay as a silent observer. You can see him in many different looks and talk about different subjects, but it's not easy to find the Real Fly behind all those faces. Well, being a Demon myself, I like the shape shifter type of guy as well as mystery hidden within. So, meet the Fly... a kind of Sly Spy... from FBI... This picture is made during the Royal Meeting too.


Our Prince or the first citizen of Fogo Loch. Well, we all know him as a friendly, funny and a kind guy. His open face with a friendly expression, big cuddly muscular torso and a Good Fellow check T-shirt accompanied with a jeans. A next door guy? A kind neighbor you could trust your house key, your pet or even your children right from the first time you meet him? Of course he can be trusted, no doubts. But haven't you heard that still waters run deep? Well, our Prince Loggos has his Royal Look as well. For the official moments of course. And well, he has his dark side too as shown on this picture. You've already seen this one before on Morty's turning. Pity my paparazzi couldn't succeed in making another one.


Well, the most of my visits I have seen him in a decent outfit with a severe look in his eyes. A true vampire Lord, I'd say. Well, lately he comes in his chaps more often and dresses more casually, but still... my first impression is too strong to be changed. A loyal Fogo family member who can be found on sim very often. Nice guy to chat with and have fun. And a smart ass too, but he prefers not to show it. You can easier get a glimpse at his ass than at his smart ass side. So, looking at the Lord Vampire Servius it's difficult to imagine he can be l'infant terrible or the trouble kid who can bring a lot of headache to his parents. Well, I will not tell you anything. No words needed - just look at this picture. The picture is made by Servius himself. Mostly I make my own pictures, but I am always happy to loan a good shoot. And please, give him a guitar somebody, I guess the last one he has exchanged for Mr. Jack Daniels.

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