Friday, May 17, 2013

The Temple of Serenity

Welcome to the temple of serenity where the silence sets the rules. Even the natural sounds here are muffled in a soft fluffy mist. Be quiet and move as inconspicuous as you can. The Guardians of Silence are watching over this place. One sudden noise can raise their suspicion. And it takes just a fraction of a second to realize the danger coming from the intruder and take the magic of serenity far away. But keep calm and you will be rewarded. Cause at a certain moment you can hear how your own heart beating resonates with the heart of this magic place.

I could experience this apparition is made on the Rosemist Isle, a wonderful fairy tale place made by our beloved Nila Byron. Yes, the one who made the Fogo Loch too.
Rosemist Isle:

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