Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fogo news: new titles

Greetings guys!

Today we are welcoming our Buzz into the Royal Family. He is granted the Knight title for his work with the applications for the new club and interviews with new dancers and hosts. Thank you Buzz for the work you've done and welcome to the Royal Family of Fogo Loch!

Haven't you seen our Buzz yet? Well, here is your chance... I know, we do have only selected hot studs here!

And our former Knight Servius is now promoted to a Baron! Congratulations, Servius! Our King Perseus is very pleased with the new members Servius recommended to our Family. Selected group of good guys only! And of course it's also the loyalty of Servius to Fogo Loch that is highly appreciated.

Well, you remember the way of life Servius was dedicated to during his wild years of being a Knight? Spending the time as a hot thug from a Hell's Angels with his best friend Mr. Jack Daniels? No? Watch it here again Well, now our Baron Servius has lost all his wild hair and got a decent suit to fit his new position. However... wild hair just seem to appear on his head. Well, what should it mean?

Oh, and by the way, guys, beware of confusing the Royal Titles. Today I have learned that beheading is the punishment for calling a Royal a wrong title. Not sure what beheading is, but I suspect it's nothing to do with giving or receiving a head. And I guess you get into a different sort of dungeon for that. So, be careful!

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