Monday, May 6, 2013

Fogo guys: More of Cayne

You remember our new member Cayne of course from this blog entry. Yes, the sturdy neko guy who likes to play with cages. Well, last week he approached me on the Landing Point and told me that I haven't seen all his best parts yet appealing to my paparazzi spirit. I always like to show you the different facets of an SL personality. So, here is more of Cayne and his characters:

A red wolf... Or a fox? Not really a furry one with the shiny latex-like skin. Dressed in leather with his armor ready to defeat an enemy. Sly look that can even feel mean on some point. I guess Cayne still needs a name for this character, so you can help him by giving your suggestion. A Firewolf, may be? Or a Rubby Wolf?

And it's not only the armor what he hides behind his back. There is a couple of demon wings to add some sophistication. And well, those wings are very sensitive to touch and inviting to play if you can take the responsibilities for the consequences. So, he is probably a BatWolf?

Well, Cayne has also his soft side... the fur to cover his lycan body. The same sly look and the same red color as a sign of warning to those who decided to come closer.

Well, and a portrait as promised.

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