Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fogo News: Congratulations to our new Baroness

The love of our King he sends to all of us doesn't always come alone. Being a reward on itself it may be accompanied by a pleasant surprise for an ambitious Fogo Loch family member. What did you think of a Royal Title?

Our beloved Dame Anne is granted a Royal Title of Baroness for "her initiative and for trying to improve Fogo constantly with special thanks for the updates of Bloodlines." With admiring for her survival in the world of men. Though.. I didn't notice she had problems with being worshiped as the Lady of Fogo, right?

So, please keep in mind, that from now on you should address our Anne as Lady or Her Ladyship and when you write her an official notecard, please start it with "The Right Honorable Lady". And well, of course it's the same way you should address our Baron Alex, just don't forget to substitute "Lady" for "Lord", otherwise you might feel how sharp his teeth and claws are.

Congratulations, My Ladyship Anne!

Special thanks together with Royal Love are also sent to our Buzz and Toni for creating the applications for DJ's, Hosts and Dancers for our new club and for creating the Application Cartoons. Nope, no picture here for lazy butts this time - visit Fogo Loch and see  yourself ;)

As our Lady Anne already told us in her notecard, there is a celebration of Bloodlines anniversary with special events. I paste the links from her notecard here for your convenience

And well, as always - don't forget to vote for Fogo Loch on Bloodlines!

And just another small reminder - don't forget to send charisma points. You can do it from your Bloodline profile. See it as a virtual hug to a human or undead of your choice. It's easy to send, doesn't cost you anything (except you can send just two or three a day, so it can be a tough choice) and pleasant to receive. And guys, you know, living in a macabre world full of vampires, lycans, demons and other monsters, we do need those small signs of attention, right? I am sending mine right now...

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