Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sneak preview: Our new club Z!pperZ

Greetings guys, 

You remeber I've told you about our new club already here? Well, the new club is completely finished and today I've got a generous offer from our King Perseus to visit it and make a short sneak preview for the readers of Chris Chronicles. So, welcome to the ancient world of Maya. Deep in the jungle between the poisonous snakes and spiders you find that pyramid hidden between the green trees...

There were more suggestions of a new logo for a club. And our King had some tough days trying to choose. One suggestion was obviously outstanding as it perfectly reflected the Maya spirit of the new club. The logo is developed by WayneNZ, our Magician of Graphic Design. Made on a transparent layer it fits any texture when applied. Even the landscape of Fogo-I decaying in a golden sunset.

And here it is. The entrance to the club decorated with the Z!pperZ logo on the wall. And our welcoming King Perseus inviting us to follow him into the darkness of that mysterious arch. What shall we find there?Notice the welcoming openness of his zipper.

And finally here it is. Our new club. Placed inside a natural environment of the jungles under the open sky. No flashing lights, no deliriously psychedelic floors. Just hot beats, nice music and space to dance.

And here is a piece of hot of Dancing Royal Butts for all of you. Well, it't hot, so don't get your fingers burned on it. Approaching and touching on your own risk! But I guess our King Perseus is just very happy about the fact that the club is finished and completed with a logo. So, here is his Dance of Great Joy.

As I already told you, the Z!pperZ club opens its doors for everyone! You don't have to be the Fogo Family member or be into the Bloodlines. Just come and have fun!

The link to join: secondlife:///app/group/9b2ba472-6a6f-61b5-3469-1d0cac81ec3d/about

Well, and to remind you all that dancing heals all the wounds, here is a hot song to dance:

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