Friday, May 10, 2013

SLpicture: Hotel The Road to Hell

You can't find this hotel on the map. And it's not listed on the Yellow Pages either. It seems like it doesn't exists and yet it can find a lonely wanderer who is searching for adventures. Mostly on a stormy day in the middle of the nowhere it appears in front of a desperate stranger who has lost all hope to find a shelter. First its contours appear slowly through the mist. And than the reception suddenly faces the adventurer.

It's a creepy place that can frighten everyone. Just the look of this place gives an immediate command to the common sense: "Run away, right now as far as you can. Just away from this place and pray never find it again". But a desperate traveler who is tired and hungry can't notice the danger. He would be just glad to find his shelter.

Welcome to the reception of the Hotel The Road to Hell. The check-in is easy. No credit card or cash needed. You can pay later. There are free rooms and you can stay as long as you wish. No, there is no a check-out hour. Don't worry about anything, just come in. Here is your key. And, well, just leave your luggage here. I'll take care of it. You'll not be needing it anyway once you come inside...

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