Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Twilight wanderer

Winter Moon is an interesting place to visit on SL. Soaked in eternal twilight and rain it has that unique combination between the soothing melancholy, romantic feelings and some Alice in Wonderland kind weirdness. The grey color of rainy twilight sets the tone supported by the leafy green of the trees and the soft light of lanterns. It´s a perfect place for a wanderer who is looking for impressions.

Well, I guess I better show you some of mine...

Welcome into my slightly melancholic journey under the rain

Twilight, rain, water, soft light, ruins and a lot of space and places to be alone or enjoy a romantic date:

And while sitting there watching the reflections in water and listening to the nice music I could enjoy a cup of hot chocolade

Another way to enjoy the pressing heaviness of clouds on the water while feeling light and happy as a child.

A perfect place for the Midnight Margharita's. That's a very special and beloved witch ritual if we have to believe The Practical Magic movies. Well, I've never seen the Midnight Margharita within any witchcraft, but well, in the movie it was filled with a lot of joy and fun. And here is a perfect place to have it. And I even had a random companion who remained silent.

And here he is, the silent witness of my twilight discovery...

And well, what could be weird and romantic at the same time than wearing the perfectly white suit in the rain while playing some romantic songs...

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