Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The second life of oil drums

The SL designers can be very creative to show the different possibilities of well known objects. Like those oil drums. Well, we all know they make a perfect container for open fire. And also a nice surface to sit on or use as a side table. But what if you cheer it up with some Xmas lights like Death Row Designs did in there "side table"? Or go even further and make a fancy arm chair from an old oil drum? Meet the Oildrum Couples Bench by Heart Homes for Très Chic.


The Oildrum Couples Bench comes in a PG version with 57 animations or an Adult version with 117 animations. There are also several single animations with six props like a magazine, a phone or a tablet. It's a mesh item with a land impact of 3 (and 1 for a blanket). The price is 475L for a PG version and 750L for an Adult one. Touching the sides opens a texture changing menu with 11 possibilities.

A pleasant surprise is that those winter trees you see on a background are the gift given by purchase. You also get a Caramel Pumpkin Cider Tray complimentary (which also can be bought separately for 375L).

Available now at Très Chic event (November 17th - December 10th at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nika/128/121/2001 ).


Scene and decoration

Heart Homes (Très Chic, November 2016)
~Heart Homes~ Oildrum Couple Bench-PG
~Heart Homes~ Oildrum / Hot Choco Tablet
~Heart Homes~ Small winter Tree
~Heart Homes~ Small lighted fir

Death Row Designs
DRD - PA - Makeshift Refuge (only the drum with the fence is used)

{RW} Watchtower Oil Drum Fire

Apple Fall
Apple Fall Farrow Garden Wall with Door
Apple Fall Farrow Garden Wall Post Tall
Apple Fall Farrow Garden Wall

Snow Terrain Planes


Signature mesh avatar
Gianni Body, Head, Feet, Hands, Hair, Beard, Eyebrows

[ hoorenbeek ]
Mesh Outfit - Nolan
(a little warning - the v-neck shirt that comes with the outfit and Signature alpha layers do not match well, so you either need to use a different shirt or a different body or to cover the upper chest with something like a scarf or a prop).

No Match
No Lyrics hair /male/

Lights and Photography
Lumi Pro 2016

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