Saturday, November 5, 2016

Man Cave: My world, my rules

Welcome to my world. And let's be clear about you entering my Man Cave. My world - my rules. Those boards on the walls are not just for decoration. And those highlighted headlines sum pretty much what it's all about here:drinking and entertaining. So, come in, grab a beer, relax and enjoy!



Deluxe Body, Head, Feet and Hands
Styled with Yves Skin (shop)

Jordan Hairstyle [Brunettes] (Men Only Monthly, October 2016)

Basic Tank_Mancave (TMP) (SwagBag, November 2016)
Kalneken Beer Bottle (with arm pose) (SwagBag, November 2016)

Fear Tattoo (SwagBag, November 2016)

Lazy Days Pants - All Colors - TMP (SwagBag, November 2016)

Place and decorations

Apple Fall
New York Studio Apartment (Main Store, free at the moment)

Mancave Mancave Rug (SwagBag, November 2016)

Come Soon
Man Cave Set (the following items were unlinked and moved)
Mesh Silhouettes * Neon Blinking (SwagBag, November 2016)
*M n B* Poster (SwagBag, November 2016)

Man Cave Rules Sign (SwagBag, November 2016)

payphone / tangerine (gacha item)

LumiPro 2016

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