Friday, November 4, 2016

Man Cave: Smoker's corner

The SwagBag of November has introduced the Man Cave theme. For me as an outsider of the Anglo-Saxon world I am not really familiar with this subject. Of course I know the famous Al Bundy's garage. But it's still a new area for me to explore. So, let's build the ultimate Man Cave in Second Life. Apple Fall's New York Studio Apartment would be the great starting point. A kind of a spare loft to use as a place for a man to escape when the need arises. And the November's SwagBag provides the useful toys and gadgets.


Apple Fall
New York Studio Apartment (Main Store, free at the moment)

[bauwerk] Mancave Lounger (SwagBag, November 2016)
[bauwerk] Industrial Endtable (SwagBag, November 2016)

Pool Balls Candles (SwagBag, November 2016)
"Eightball" Ashrtay (SwagBag, November 2016)

Little Branch
HookThorn{Potted}V2 (Mainstore)

The Loft
Roxanne Vases (from Roxanne Dining Room set at Uber, October 2016)

[ kunst ]
Karl's pipe, deco (group's gift at the mainstore)

Carson Bar Trolley (only an unlinked ashtray is used)

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