Monday, November 28, 2016

Night at the shop

What is happening inside the store during the night? When everyone is left, the lights are out and the silence fills the space? You might think that the store is falling asleep till the morning, but no. Those cute animals, the shopping mascots come alive and begin their party.


Four cute animals by MUshilu. A hamster, a pig, a kitty and a rabbit are making a nice decoration for a desk or a shelf. They can also be a perfect store mascot for a kid's wear or an anime oriented shop. Available now at Très Chic event (November 17th - December 10th at ).

Those funny guys come with leaves in four season styles for outside placement. Land impact is 1 for an animal and 1 for the leaves (can be used separately). The price is only 50L per little creature.

Please, notice that the colors on the picture are altered. Please, visit the event to get the impression.


Sweety Animals (colors are altered!) - (Tres Chic event, November 2016)

Black Jack

The Store Gacha (colors are altered!)
BJK * The Store Gacha - Table
BJK * The Store Gacha - Ladder shelf
BJK * The Store Gacha - Fan
BJK * The Store Gacha - Clothes Rack

The Amsterdam Gacha (colors are altered!)
BJK * Amsterdam Gacha - Building 3

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