Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Night vision

It's funny to see how some outfits or decoration projects are coming together like the pieces of a puzzle from different shops, designers or events while time passes by. Like once I found Antony pants by United Colors at The Mens Dept. A quite universal piece I used a lot. Later at Men Only Monthly I found the jacket to complete the outfit. Same designer, same set of textures, but... the model without a collar. Still nice piece to wear, but to my personal taste I had a feeling that something was missing. Till now that I found a piece of jewelery, Flamingo Safari Jewell by Zafair at Très Chic. And voilà, the outfit is complete. No collar needed anymore. And the glasses... well I had them for years already.


Flamingo Safari Jewell by Zafair. available now at Très Chic event (November 17th - December 10th at ). Looks good as a decoration for a bare skin as well as a part of a suit without a collar. This unisex item comes in six color variations for 489L per piece. No fat pack. Modifiable to fit different bodies. Lady and men versions are both included.



Aesthetic body and skin from the Enzo pack.

Paul head, fatpack (with emotions)

Boys&Girls hair N48 (Black)

United Colors
UC_Antony_jacket_all in 1 /Aesthetic/

Zafair (Très Shic, November 2016)
Flamingo Safari Jewell (Men) Black

5th Tower Creations
[5t] Blood Aether Glasses Deluxe

For background and photography used

Lumi Pro 2016

Apple Fall
Oxford Wingback Chair /prop and the pose/ - now available at Shiny Shabby

Death Raw Designs
DRD CS - The Joint Coffee Shop - Clean (6 Republic event, November 2016)

Black Jack
The Amsterdam Gacha, different props that you see on the background

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