Saturday, November 19, 2016

L'air de l'automne

When falls breaks in. When borders between outside and inside are fading.


1. Carrie apartment by Diamandis available at Très Chic event (November 17th - December 10th at ).

An appartment within a skybox (about 14.5 x 17 m and 5 m high) blank white outside and transparent from inside (so you see the surroundings). Land Impact = 70. Price - 599L. It has two connected open spaces to be used as living, sleeping and/or sleeping place, a kitchen and a bathroom/WC. Something special is... the walk in closet. What a surprise!

2. Greydon Chair by Decor Junction and Shutter Field available at Très Chic event (November 17th - December 10th at ).

The Greydon Chair comes in four color variations (canvas, green, black and white). Includes single and couple animations and has an extra basket with a blanket in it as a side decoration. On the picture you see the green one without a basket. Each variation costs 230L. There is no fat pack. Land impact = 3 for the chair and 2 for the basket with a blanket.

Though this chair is more for a garden or a patio, it looks good inside. Especially when you try to invite outside inside ;)


Carrie Apartment /Skybox/ (Très Chic, November 2016)

Decor Junction and Shutter Field
Greydon Chair /green/ (Très Chic, November 2016)

Book of Sorrows (Deco(c)rate, November 2016)

[ keke ]
still falling rowan leafs /groundcover/ (Deco(c)rate, November 2016)
blow me away rowan leaves (Deco(c)rate, November 2016)

Knick Knacks Shop
Lace curtain  /flying 4/ (ULTRA Event, November 2016)

Wrought Iron table

Fancy Decor
French Landscape (Fameshed, November 2016)

Storyteller's Burrow - #23 Single Bookcase Full
Storyteller's Burrow - #22 Double Bookcase Full
Storyteller's Burrow - #18 Off the Hook

Gustavian Winter - End Table
Gustavian WInter - Silver Sphere Chandelier

Little Branch
LB_MapleWood.v1{Seasons} (Ultra Event, November 2016)

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