Sunday, November 20, 2016

Santa is coming

He is coming, he is coming! So I've built a nice place for him to feel home.


1. Winter Rock Bench by Bee Designs available at Très Chic event (November 17th - December 10th at ).

The Rock Bench comes together with Pine Trees (decorated with lamps) and PG cuddle and single poses. Land impact including both pine trees = 19. The price is 249L

The plaid, cushions, ground lamps and cuddle posses make it a romantic winter hot spot. Just don't forget to take something warm to drink with you.

2. Christmas at Home gacha Set by Your Dreams available at Très Chic event (November 17th - December 10th at ).

Includes two rares - a house and a sleigh (with three poses) next to six commons with snowman (and woman), wooden reindeer and several wooden pine/Xmas trees. For 65L per round. All no copy, yes modify, yes transfer permissions with the note of creator that permissions are not a subjects to change.

A nice set to decorate a playground and invite Santa to visit.


Background and decoration:

Your Dreams
Christmas at home Gacha (Très Chic, November 2016)
- House Rare
- Mr  Snowman
- Mrs  Snowman
- Sleigh RARE
- Reindeer 1
- Pine tree 1
- Pine tree
- Christmas tree
- Letter Tree

.:Bee Designs:.
Winter  Rock Bench (Très Chic, November 2016)
Pine Trees (comes with the Rock Bench)

Snow Terrain Planes


Signature mesh avatar
Gianni Body, Head, Feet, Hands, Hair, Beard, Eyebrows

Hat_Mipo /Signature_Gianni/
Coat_Mipo /Signature_Gianni/
Jeans_Mipo /Signature_Gianni/

Strider boots - ice blue

Lights and Photo
LumiPro 2016

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