Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A piece of Netherlands

Amsterdam vs. Australia - that was a theme of the November round of 6 Republic Event. I was quite anticipating its arrival and the long time waiting was rewarded with some great creations enabling me to create a small piece of Netherlands here in SL. Just one small, but quite a cosy street.


Black Jack
The Amsterdam Gacha (6 Republic, November 2016)
BJK * Amsterdam Gacha - Building 1
BJK * Amsterdam Gacha - Building 4
BJK * Amsterdam gacha - Straight Road
BJK * Amsterdam Gacha - River fence
BJK * Amsterdam Gacha - Streetlight
BJK * Amsterdam gacha - Red Bike
BJK * Amsterdam Gacha - Tulipan's pot
BJK * Amsterdam Gacha - Jardiniere tulips

DRD (Death Row Designs)
The Joint Coffee Shop - Clean (6 Republic, November 2016)

Little Branch
Potted Plants V1 / LB_HookThorn{Potted}V2
Potted Plants V1 / LB_SpiralTopiary.v1

Park bench (anim set 1)

barrel planter with flowers (group gift)

Apple Fall
Farrow Garden Wall

Water System 1.2
Skye Water 20 x 4m

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