Sunday, November 6, 2016

Shabby Chique

The attractive power of nostalgic melancholy of Shabby Chique in Second Life...


All I wanna do gacha Set (Kustom9 Event, October 2016)

Vintage DIY Entryway (Shiny Shabby, October 2016)

[bauwerk] Landhaus Console - distressed wood (Shiny Shabby, October 2016)

Fancy Decor
French Landscape (Fameshed, November 2016)

Apple Fall
Roses Box (Champagne)
Blossom Wreath

{what next}
Paperdoll Mannequin (store gift)

Crown Decor (Antique Garden gacha set)
Garden Rose Urn Creme (Antique Garden gacha set)
Classical Bust (Industrial High Culture gacha set)
Top Hat (Brocante gacha set)
Candelabra (Brocante gacha set)

The Loft
Roxanne Vases (Uber, October 2016)

Fallen Leaves - Pile Small (Shiny Shabby, October 2016)

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