Sunday, October 13, 2013

The scariest night on Fogo Loch

Tonight was the scariest night on Fogo Loch  as Rhys Calhouon has taken us to the Unguided Tour through the Haunted Hotel. Some guys were scared to death before the tour started and left. Some needed to change their underwear several times during the tour. I am not sure how many of us are still alive. I am writing this entry now hiding in the closet of the hotel, but not sure how long it will take before they find me...

So, you understand - it was a great success. And for those who couldn't be there, just ask that creepy wolf on LP for the Landmark and make your own experience.  But I'd say it's much more fun to do it in a group. So, take someone with you. You can also ask for the LM from anyone who was there tonight. And here there are some impressions of the Haunted night. Spoil alert! Don't look further if you prefer not to know what awaits you at the Hotel.

And let's thank Rhys and his little creepy assistant for the wonderful experience.


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