Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The naughty side of Jonathan Smithy

We still have some more houses to visit. So, today we are going to invite ourselves to the house #2 decorated by Jonathan Smithy. And here we see another very good example that perfectly fits the village spirit. What is more welcoming and appealing when you are get a bottle of a nice dark ale? I guess I could spend hours behind that table drinking ale, having some funny talk with friends and observing the village life through the window. 

And well, let me be very honest to tell you that the nice and relaxed home like feeling is not the only thing that attracts my attention here. I am also very interested in a darker side of Jonathan. I don't know whether he is a vampire, a lycan, a hybrid or a human, but there is definitely a darker side inside him. Look at this corner! I think it's more lycan related. Cause why otherwise he placed the picture of that Big Moon above his bed? Or the Moonshine drops around that guy's mouth on the wall?

And as the title of this entry suggests, Jonathan also does have a naughty side. I am not sure what it is yet, but look at the expression of that pumpkin face. He is definitely up to something... Don't let this charming smile to fool you...

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