Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Formal Dance Party

As I told you yesterday, guys, we had a nice Formal Dance Party on Fogo Loch on Monday. I didn't tell you much about it as I wanted all your attention to go to our House Decoration Contest winners. But I know that you are craving to see some hot studs in their formal dresses. And that's completely understandable - guys in tuxedos are really hot. So, today I present you a lot of pictures from the party.

The party was decorated by Randy Firebrand (Fire). And he did a very good job. Champagne and light refreshments were served by the grumpy Butler and the obliged maiden while the guardians were watching the doors. Our King Perseus has even offered his own heart for the couple dances. I guess he didn't use it since the spring, so it was still full of courtship dances and mating behavior that brought a lot of fun to the party.

Well, and now let me just to introduce some of the guests:

Perseus and Wayne


 Randy or Fire


Rhys and David




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