Tuesday, October 8, 2013

House decoration contest

To celebrate the new village and to stimulate the creativity of Fogo Loch , the house decoration contest was announced. The guys who got their new houses in the village could take the challenge and exercise their decorating talents.

The results of the contest were announced yesterday on the Formal dance party of Fogo Loch by King Perseus and the village creator Wayne. The party itself, nicely decorated by Randy Firebrand was a success. But... the winners first.

The second winner of the contest was Snow. Funny, but Chris Chronicles appeared to have a separate dossier on this guy as just a couple of days ago I was invited to visit his home. So, please enjoy the rustique style of the "wolf whisperer" here in this entry.

And now our full attention goes to the winner of the contest, the Fortune Teller Page. The Fortune teller? Well, here you see why. He seem to give spiritual readings and predict the future for the guys who are in an urgent need to know whether they meet a Prince on a White Horse or can make a Fortune by demonstrating their dancing skills in a strip club. Or any other question else.

Not sure if Page was using his magic charms to effect the results of the contest, but I have to say, his decoration is impressive. It fits the spirit of village and the fantasy theme of Fogo Loch. It's very detailed and thoughtfully combined. It fills like those cosy antique shops of 1000 and 1 things having almost everything you might need at the moment. I bet it's full of magical amulets and potions for any purpose. And the most important - it's low prim. Wayne emphasized his admiration for a very efficient prim use for this project.

And here is one more shot of the house. I know guys, you always like to know if someone has a bed, how big it is and what animations are included. Well, here is Page's bed - it's quite warm and is suited for two (or even three). And as for the animations - well I'd say - knock at the door of the house #1 and ask if you can test them yourself. And if you can't fall asleep there, just look at the chart hanging on the wall. Just observing it for a minute or two and trying to understand all those sophisticated ways destiny hides from us is exhausting enough to fall asleep quickly.

Unfortunately Page couldn't attend the party, so I can't tell you how sexy he looks in his tuxedo. But hope to get the answer soon. Stay tuned, guys!

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